saturday, march 2 – 7:15 pm – release


A taut and sexy collection of shorts plays with the dynamics to be found somewhere between build-up… and relief.


Directed by Keith Hodder, 2012, USA, 5 minutes. World Premiere
A family man has his devotion challenged by the unexpected arrival of his secret lover.


Directed by Aven Frey, Gala Vanting and Viva, 2012, Australia, 6 minutes.US Premiere
A woman with a depth of imagination speaks her desires to have her desires withheld.


Directed by Saskia Quax, 2012, Netherlands, 8 minutes. US Premiere
A young woman plays the lead role in her own sexual fantasy.


Directed by Gala Vanting and Lightning, 2012, Australia, 6 minutes. US Premiere
Abbey is bottom-as-journeyman, led skillfully into and out of that surreal space by his lover Magnolia, who draws his very breath along with her as she moves.

a brief portrait of gregory at age 30

Directed by Vena Virago, 2012, USA, 10 minutes. World Premiere
Vena pays a visit to Gregory’s art studio and gets a private show.


Directed by Clark Matthews, 2012, USA, 5 minutes. East Coast Premiere
The perspective of one young woman lies bare any preconceptions of sexability. From the streets to the sheets, everyone has a crutch.

getting off

Directed by Hunter Stone, 2012, USA, 20 minutes. World Premiere
Confronted with a terminal diagnosis, a man struggles valiantly to go out in the very moment of orgasmic bliss.

elenore makes love

Directed by Ryan Balas, 2012, USA, 15 minutes. World Premiere
A photographer meets a sexy model in an upscale hotel suite. The two women may have a past that is more present than we think.


Directed by Jörg Fockele, 2011, USA, 5 minutes.
One man’s journey to cope with his HIV infection through a hooking ritual.


Directed by Aven Frey, Gala Vanting and Frank Ly, 2012, Australia, 15 minutes. US Premiere
A film about the push-pull of erotic edgeplay and the curious brutality of love.

date & time:
Saturday, March 2 – 7:15 PM
Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue (@ 2nd Street)
$10/door; $9/advance; $7/seniors & students
18 and over only.
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