CineKink Showcases “Best of CineKink/2013” to Sold Out House in Oakland

CineKink Showcases “Best of CineKink/2013” to Sold Out House in Oakland
 “Kinky Film Festival” Tour Thrills, Inspires Audiences at The New Parkway for One-Night-Only Event!
August 13, 2013 – OAKLAND, CA – The 2013 CineKink Festival  brought its one-night screening of sex-positive and kink-friendly films to Oakland, California, Thursday, August 8 to a maximum capacity, sold out house. Those attending the event at The New Parkway Theater left thoroughly entertained and inspired, and already awaiting next year’s event.
“Tonight, I went to CineKink: Oakland and saw 7 or 8 films,” says theatergoer Les Vogel on the site’s Facebook page. “By the way, the films were very cool. I recommend all of them. If CineKink comes to your city – GO.”
CineKink visitor Michael Handler says, “A remarkable range of voices, visions, and experiences in stories in only 73 minutes! I laughed, teared up, gasped, and had my breath taken away; I’m still thinking about the films from the festival days later.” Kanane Jones, agreed: “CineKink was a delightful and moving experience. It was a pleasure to see such a wide variety of perspectives and experiences from sex and relationships, from such diverse filmmakers. Very inspiring!”
“Best of CineKink/2013”’s Oakland event was sponsored by Feelmore510
, Oakland’s first progressive adult store and art gallery. Part of the Oakland resurgence, Feelmore510 regularly hosts an Erotic Film Night on the second Friday of every month at The New Parkway, along with workshops at the retail store and other events in the Oakland area.
“We’re thrilled with the overwhelming Bay Area response to this year’s offerings,” says Lisa Vandever, Co-Founder and Director of CineKink. “We’re already looking forward to returning next year to Oakland with brand new films to screen. We also hope that this year’s films have inspired filmmakers to create and submit their own projects for the 2014 Festival as we continue our 2013 Tour.”
CineKink continues the first part of their 2013 Festival Tour with public screenings in Austin (September 20) and Chicago (September 21). CineKink is accepting solicitations from other cities and venues that are interested in hosting during the 2013 Tour season. For inquiries, email
The “Best of CineKink/2013” short films program is comprised of productions awarded prizes by CineKink jurors at the annual CineKink NYC festival, which takes place each year in late February. With works ranging from documentary to drama, comedy to experimental, mildly spicy to quite explicit, this year’s edition includes 50 Seconds of 50 Shades (Bo Blaze), Naked Love: Ea’s Garden (Sara Kimmel), Impact (Mollena Williams), Rift (Keith Hodder), Ritual (Jörg Fockele), Zucht Und Ordnung (Jan Soldat), Amber (Aven Frey, Gala Vanting, and Frank Ly), Krutch (Clark Matthews), and Pinecone (Michael Markham).
CineKink, currently in the midst of celebrating its 10th anniversary year, has also officially opened its doors for sponsors for its 2014 festival. The 2013 CineKink Festival Tour is made possible by sponsors Crystal Delights
, , Leather Archives and Museum , National Coalition for Sexual Freedom , njoy , and Takedown Piracy .
For sponsorship inquiries, contact In addition, those interested in supporting CineKink still have a variety of ways, from volunteers at the festival, to festival donors and more. CineKink’s sex-positive expression can be supported via
Press, including those in host cities, may contact CineKink in regards to interviews, press access, and more; email
About CineKink:
Now in its tenth season, CineKink is an annual film festival and national screening tour that celebrates and explores the wide diversity of sexuality. Presented by CineKink, an organization dedicated to the recognition and encouragement of sex-positive and kink-friendly depictions in film and television, works showcased by the festival range from documentary to drama, spicy to explicit – and everything in between! For more information, visit
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