cinekink nyc 2003

Thursday, October 9th

Thursday, October 9th – 8 pm

Kick-Off Party & Fundraiser

Screenings, schmooze and a special auction to benefit the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

Don’t miss your chance to bid on a great assortment of devious goodies, with all proceeds from your purchase going to support a great cause! Leading the activities on the auction block will be Party Princess Lolita Wolf, ably assisted by auction bottom, Boymeat.

Featured works for the evening include:

  • Slave & Master Productions’ historic Slice of Life and Pain Down Below, both starring the infamous Leather Rick
  • Take Her Down! Lesbian Erotic Oil Wrestling Party directed by Sondra Goodwin
  • Girl Problems, a modern domination video shot in the vintage Eric Stanton style

Special Location:

Remote Lounge, 327 Bowery (near the corner of Bond St., NYC. Subway: F,V to Second Ave.; 6 to Bleecker

Special Admission:

$5 suggested donation

Friday, October 10th

Friday, October 10th – 7 pm

Special Presentation!
S/M At the Movies: Full Throttle!!

The ever-engaging Thor Stockman dips into his magic bag of film clips for an entertaining look at how S/M and kink-culture are portrayed in the movies – the good, the bad and the ridiculous!

Friday, October 10th – 9 pm

Preaching to the Perverted

Preaching to the PervertedDirected by Stuart Urban, 1997, UK, 100 minutes. Starring Christien Anholt and Guinevere Turner.
A young infiltrator is dispatched by moral crusaders in Parliament to gather evidence against fetish clubs in the United Kingdom, where many of the saucier activities are illegal. But thrust into a shiny world of clubs and parties, he instead becomes infatuated with Tanya Cheex, a sex goddess from New York and leader of the fetish scene on both sides of the Atlantic. He wants her to calm down, become “normal” and avoid going to jail. She wants to pervert him. Who will win?

“…a hilarious script… shatters plenty of S&M taboos while reveling in their outlandish behaviour.” – Jake Hamilton, Empire Magazine

“… a high-tech, fast-paced Moulin Rouge for the fetish world.” – Curve Magazine

Friday, October 10th – 11 pm

US Premiere!
Madam and Eve

Madam and EveDirected by Angie Dowling, 2003, UK, 90 minutes. Starring Pinkie Vindaloo and Sista Kitty.
In this gorgeously explicit comedy, shot in an old Benedictine monastery, female patients at a mysterious hospital receive treatments for their sexual emergencies from an attentive staff of latex-clad (and unclad) femmes. While Madam supervises their activities in her crystal ball, she also keeps an eager eye open for the return of the mythical Eve.

Saturday, October 11th

Saturday, October 11th – 12:30 pm

East Coast Premiere!

Directed by Laura Plotkin, 2002, USA, 82 minutes.
As couples act out fantasy scenes ranging from sensuous and playful to sizzling hot, professional dominatrix and educator Mistress Morgana covers, step by step, the communication skills, techniques and tools needed to integrate S/M into your sex life. A great overview for novice and experienced players alike!

“…for anyone with a curiosity for kink!” – Abby Ehmann, Spectator Magazine

Saturday, October 11th – 2:30 pm
“Good Top, Bad Top”

US Premiere!
Strange Hungers: Mistress Ursula

Strange Hungers: Mistress UrsulaDirected by Megan Spencer, 2002, Australia, 29 minutes.
Meet Mistress Ursula. She’s young, she’s successful and she’s very, very happy in her chosen profession of domination. Join her for a fascinating journey through the world of BDSM, where things are not quite what you might expect. (And don’t you dare flinch!)

New York Premiere!

Directed by Katherine Brooks, 2003, USA, 74 minutes. Starring Julie Clay and Katherine Hill.
A naïve Los Angeles newcomer is thrust into the intoxicating (and intoxicated) life of her charismatic new housemate, a struggling writer trying to escape a haunted past by submerging herself into research about S/M. Despite a mutual attraction, Salene initially tries to keep her dominatrix work a secret, but eventually Georgia is permitted to join her in a tour of the underground scene – and passion sparks. But when a murder in the close-knit S/M community makes Salene a prime suspect, both are forced to re-evaluate their positions.

Saturday, October 11th – 5 pm
“All Hands On”

World Premiere!
Turn Me Up, Over & On

Directed by Carolyn Caizzi, 2003, USA, 22 minutes.
This home-grown porn, created to fill a dearth in queer/dyke-made videos, features Luke, a hot tranny boi, and Ava, a sexy femme, trading places.

Fuck Me…

Directed by various, 2002, USA, 52 minutes.
A collection of shorts from a couple of members of the Tongue-N-Cheeks Collective:

Single Repressed Female, Edith Edit
Maria Beatty’s ‘The Elegant Spanking’ subverts ‘Single White Female’ into a sadomasochistic lesbo fantasy.

Undercover, Edith Edit
Porn store peep shows and Vito Aconci’s 1973 video set the stage for this masturbatory – or is it? – video.

Me on Me, Monashee Frantz
The maker masturbates for the camera in this split-screen video.

When I Touch Myself, McKay Grundstein
“I am nervous…”

Barbara C and Steven X, Barbara DeGenevieve
Stories told by two people question issues of adult culpability and the sexual agency of female children.

Autoplay, Edith Edit
A childhood game sets the stage for a masturbatory power play.

How to Ejaculate: A Guide for Girls, Courtney Kelly
A guide for all girls to follow.

World Premiere!
Full Load

Full LoadDirected by Barbara DeGenevieve, 2003, USA, 11 minutes.
In this hot vignette from the founder of, a femme and her FTM lover get frisky down in the basement laundry. Watch out for the puddles!

“…the magic touch when it comes to making dyke porn that pushes the envelope…sexy and realistic.” – Rachel Kramer Bussel, Yes Portal

Saturday, October 11th – 7 pm

Out in the Open

Out in the OpenDirected by Peter Barbosa, 2001, USA, 57 minutes.
A fascinating and sexually-charged documentary about gay men and their views on sex. Combines personal interviews, verité footage and even hidden camera recordings, shot at several not-so-secret San Francisco meeting spots, to provide a compelling look at such subjects as public sex, monogamy, AIDS, online cruising and S/M.

preceded by

Directed by Ilo Orleans, 2002, USA, 8 minutes.
After a chat-room encounter and an intimate night, two men reveal their secret identities.

Pornographic Apathetic

Pornographic ApatheticDirected by T. Arthur Cottam, 2003, USA, 5 minutes.
Sex like you’ve never seen it.

Saturday, October 11th – 9 pm
“What’s Your Pleasure?”

On My Knees

On My KneesDirected by Kim Wood, 2003, USA, 13 minutes. Starring Melora Creager.
Culled from the secret diaries of Hannah Cullwick, a Victorian fetishist and “maid-of-all-work,” a life of unabashed deviance is traced.

World Premiere!
Andrea & Goody, Frazier & Mel, Purple Passion Pony, Trigger, Roller Pony

Shorts by Liz GlamourDirected by Liz Glamour, 2003, USA, 12 minutes.
Five short works celebrate the beauty and heat of seemingly ordinary people’s appetite for the unconventional, the authentic – and sometimes even the humorous – in their erotic lives.

Shine: Confessions of a Rubber Fetishist

Shine: Confessions of a Rubber FetishistDirected by Karine Baczynski, 2003, USA, 28 minutes.
A funny, thought-provoking and unapologetic look at Shine, who goes to work everyday, plays chess, likes to dress in rubber and craves being whipped by his friends.

World Premiere!
The Sex Toy

The Sex ToyDirected by Joe Moore and Webber, 2002, USA 23 minutes. Starring James Mogul and Zed.
Rarefied by ritual and intensity, this voyeuristic glimpse into an erotic event demonstrates an obvious passion for the perfect knot and the perfect twist.

Saturday, October 11th – 11 pm

World Premiere!

Directed by Leilani Lumen, 2003, USA, 25 minutes. Starring Jennifer Hotchner, Gaylord Rice and Kisa Watson.
In a fictionalized United States, a young woman fears the governmental repercussions of a kinky love affair and checks into a sexual reorientation facility.

World Premiere!
Trouble at the House of Gord

Trouble at the House of GordDirected by Sydney Masters and J.L. Gord, 2003, USA, 60 minutes.
For a masterful take on kidnap fantasy and roleplay, enter the House of Gord, where women are held captive, tightly restrained and strictly controlled in the most diabolical and imaginative ways! In this episode, the first in the Special Bureau of Investigation (SBI) trilogy, Lady Serena, anxious to achieve the month’s quota for new slave girls, jumps at the chance to add another beauty to Gord’s ever-growing stable.

Sunday, October 12th

Sunday, October 12th – 1 pm

New York Premiere!

FluffDirected by Gregory Duke, 2002, USA, 65 minutes. Starring Peter Lee Cameron, Philip Cairns and Jonathan C. Dietrich.
An avant garde theatre troupe wants to bring culture to the masses, but the masses never show up. Even their S/M adaptation of Crime and Punishment is a flop and if they don’t produce something people will pay money to see, the bank will foreclose. Then they realize the obvious solution. Give the people what they want – a gay porn film based on the Greek classics!

Preceded by
Gay Boyfriend

Directed by Ryan McFaul, 2003, USA, 2 minutes. Featuring The Ukes of Hazzard.
The straight girls’ ode to gay men everywhere.


Directed by Bob Poirier, 2000, USA, 16 minutes
In this wild comedy, featuring a special appearance by porn star Cole Tucker, a right-wing vampire family goes door to door, sucking the blood of just about anybody – until they meet one particularly “unsavory” character.

Sunday, October 12th – 3 pm

East Coast Premiere!

OpenDirected by Steven Pomerantz, 2003, USA, 51 minutes.
Can a gay male couple sustain long-term monogamy? Or is non-monogamy inevitable? This heartfelt and often humorous look into the world of open, non-monogamous committed relationships introduces three very different couples, as they discuss love, sex, jealousy, health – and the unique rules that make up these somewhat standard arrangements.

preceded by
New York Premiere!
Maid of Honor

Maid of HonorDirected by Matt Morillo, 2003, USA, 25 minutes. Starring Keenan Henson, Shauna Bari and Nicholas J. Coleman.
As one couple steps along their path to lifelong forever-after, a charming ladies’ man sets out to score with the maid of honor, who’s on a romantic rebound and seemingly easy prey. But she’s got some erotic scenarios of her own in mind.

Sunday, October 12th – 5 pm

East Coast Premiere!
Welcome Sinners! The Velvet Hammer Burlesque

Welcome Sinners! The Velvet Hammer BurlesqueDirected by Scott Lew, 2001, USA, 58 minutes.
Follow the colorful denizens of Los Angeles’ underground burlesque revival scene – and all the behind-the-scenes drama – as the members of the Velvet Hammer troupe get ready to shake, shimmy and keep the wolves a’howlin’ for one spectacular night at Hollywood’s venerable El Rey Theater. Plenty of Girls! Girls! Girls!

preceded by

Directed by Carolyn Caizzi, 1999, USA, 2 minutes.
Consummate tassel-twirling.

World Premiere!
Hole of Plenty

Directed by Kristine M. Herzog, 2002, USA, 4 minutes.
A creative rebirth.

The Naughty Garden

Directed by Tanya Bezreh, 2003, USA, 5 minutes.
A singing strawberry gets spanked.

Small Things

Directed by Michelle Barczykowski, 2000, USA, 2 minutes.
G.I. Joe, a facsimile of a man, also plays stand-in for male sexual dominance.

Sunday, October 12th – 7 pm


SecretaryDirected by Steven Shainberg, 2002, USA, 111 minutes. Starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader.
Lee Holloway has a few strikes against her when she applies for a secretarial position at the law office of E. Edward Grey. Although she’s never had a job in her life, Lee is hired by the mysterious lawyer, Mr. Grey. At first the work seems quite ordinary – but soon, in between typing, filing and making coffee, Lee and Mr. Grey embark on a more personal relationship, crossing lines of conduct that would give any human resource director the vapors!

“…a wholesome self-help fable about the unlocking of shame and its magical transformation into pleasure and personal liberation.” – Steven Holden, New York Times

Sunday, October 12th – 9:15 pm

CineKink Awards and Closing Presentations

Encore screenings of selected best shorts from the festival, along with the – first ever! – CineKink Awards. Includes presentations of the festival’s Audience Choice Awards, and introduces the special CineKink Tribute, recognizing extraordinary kink achievement in mainstream film and television. Be sure to stick around to pass along your thanks and respects to all the recipients!

All Screenings take place at
Anthology Film Archives

Theater Location:

32 Second Avenue at Second Street, NYC


F or V train to 2nd Ave or 6 train to Bleeker or 2nd Ave.-M15 bus to 3rd St.

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