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CineKink Audience Choice Award – Best Documentary Feature

Born in a Barn

CineKink Audience Choice Award – Best Narrative Feature


CineKink Audience Choice Award – Honorable Mention Feature

Alice in Footland
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CineKink Best Short – Documentary

Liberty in Restraint

CineKink Best Short – Experimental


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Dream Human

CineKink Best Short – Music Video

Spanky! Spanky!

CineKink Best Short – Honorable Mention

I Sit on Acid
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Honoring outstanding depictions of kink in mainstream film and television.

A Home at the End of the World

Honorable Mentions (aka The CineKink Nod)

Bob Wiltfong & The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart
Six Feet Under

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Thursday, October 21st

Thursday, October 21st – 8 pm

Kick-Off Party & Fundraiser

Screenings, schmooze and a special auction to benefit CineKink and the new documentary, “Barbara v. Ashcroft: A Public Voyeur.”

Don’t miss your chance to bid on a great assortment of devious goodies, with all proceeds from your purchase going to support a great cause! Leading the activities on the auction block will be Party Princess Lolita Wolf, ably assisted by auction bottom, Boymeat.

Featured works for the evening include:

  • Slave & Master Productions’ historic Needles & Pins, starring the infamous Leather Rick
  • Working Girlz and real dyke sex directed by Morgana Maye
  • A slave’s eye view of The English Mistress
  • The cutting-edge FTM transexual Adventures of Buck Naked

Special Location:

Remote Lounge, 327 Bowery (near the corner of Bond St., NYC. Subway: F,V to Second Ave.; 6 to Bleecker

Special Admission:

$5 suggested donation

Friday, October 22nd

Friday, October 22nd – 7 pm

Mango Kiss

Mango KissDirected by Sascha Rice, 2003, USA, 86 minutes. Starring Daniele Ferraro, Michelle Wolff and Sally Kirkland.
This colorful roleplay romp follows best-friends-turned-lovers, Sassafras and Lou, as they journey to San Francisco and tumble into a wild and wonderful lesbian world of S/M tops and bottoms, daddies and princesses. Ah, what to choose next?!? Charting these enticing non-monogamous waters, they work out a seemingly foolproof plan – different lovers with different roles – but all swirls to a head at a raucous party to which everyone’s invited.

Preceded by
World Premiere!
Hershey Kiss

Directed by Constantine Nickelas Polites, 2002, USA, 2 minutes.
Sometimes self-love is the perfect match.

Friday, October 22nd – 9 pm

Screening sponsored by The Eulenspiegel Society

East Coast Premiere!

Headspace Directed by Mia Olin, 2003, USA, 53 minutes.
Turning the camera on her circle of friends and their activities, director Mia Olin provides this explicit, occasionally extreme exploration of the Los Angeles BDSM scene. Focusing on the psychological and spiritual components of S/M play, the documentary looks at the intricate relationships between pain and pleasure, dominance and submission – and at the responsibilities of both control and consent.

Preceded by
The English Mistress

Directed by Mistress Sidonia von Bork, 2004, USA, 10 minutes/excerpt. Starring Mistress Sidonia von Bork and Leather Slave.
Shot in atmospheric black and white from a slave’s point of vantage, the Mistress articulates – in crisp English accent – her philosophy of female domination, her dark desires and her exacting demands.

Friday, October 22nd – 11 pm

New York Premiere!

SlavesDirected by Ich Bin Niemand, 2003, USA, 101 minutes
Graphic and unsettling, this documentary-style look at controversial artist R.C. Horsch lays out in rich detail the intensely controlling sadomasochistic relationships he maintains with seven different women. As each of them recounts and explicitly re-enacts the degree of power that he wields over their sexuality and their daily lives – even their very existence – we are reminded that each holds the key to her own ultimate freedom and we see the strength that resides in the choice of submission.

Saturday, October 23rd

Saturday, October 23rd – 1 pm


Saturday mornings were never quite like this!

New York Premiere!

SuperFagDirected by Kurt Koehler, 2002, USA, 22 minutes.
Join Superfag and his Super Duper Friends in their quest to make the world a better place to live.

World Premiere!
Christ! (A Tale of the Passion of the Christs)

Directed by Daryn Cash, 2004, USA, 14 minutes.
Recorded in native Croation, a diverse ensemble of action figures comes together for a passion play of a rather different sort.

New York Premiere!
Dream Human

Dream HumanDirected by Tsubasa, 2003, USA 5 minutes.
Creating a perfect erotic vision.

New York Premiere!
The Night Life

Night Life Directed by Gregory Duke, 2004, USA, 11 minutes.
Private detective Dick Gumshoe finds that queer things happen after dark.

East Coast Premiere!

SuccubusDirected by Bill Kelman/John Venturini, 2004, USA 25 minutes.
A mad scientist schemes to rule the world with her diabolical “Lezzy” ray gun.

Spanky! Spanky!

Spanky! Directed by DJ Spot, 2002, USA, 3 minutes.
The original perv pop stars, Dick-n-jayne, with an ode to… spanky! spanky!

Saturday, October 23rd – 3 pm

East Coast Premiere!
Dominatrix Waitrix

Dominatrix WaitrixDirected by Edith Edit, 2004, USA, 44 minutes.
Fueled by the revenge fantasies of years spent waiting tables – and the transformation of these fantasies into a reversal of power play for sexual pleasure – this video featurette combines sci-fi, sadomasochism and musical theatre to ask the ultimate narrative question – “who will top whom?”

Preceded by
New York Premiere!

Haircut Directed by Bryan Jackson, 2004, USA, 8 minutes.
John gets more than he bargains for during a routine haircut appointment.


Directed by Hima B., 2003, USA, 10 minutes.
A Kafka-esque exploration of lesbian sex and power relationships through the lens of an entomologist.

World Premiere!
I Sit on Acid

Directed by Ryan J. Wolowski, USA, 3 minutes.
What happens when the cameras are turned? Through masturbation, watersports, go-go dancing and being watched by his own hand-held camera, the director explores imagery, body, sexuality and self.

Saturday, October 23rd – 5 pm

World Premiere!
Alice in Footland

Alice in Footland Directed by Napoleon Lake, 2004, USA, 60 minutes. Starring Sativa Verte, Brooke Bound and Darenzia.
In this new interpretation of the classic tale, Alice is tempted into an erotic wonderland of fetishism, Footland. There the Queen has outlawed all non-foot sex, but the town deviant, White Rabbit, seduces sweet playthings like Alice for perverted non-foot activities. When the Queen gets wind of their indiscretions, however, she reels in Rabbit and Alice for some spanking and bondage – all punishment, of course.

Preceded by
Mistress Bar-Bee’s Playhouse

Directed by Roberto Sanchez-Camus, 2004, USA, 16 minutes.
Knocking on the doors of the feminine mystique, our transvestite hero accomplishes his goal – to serve and be served, to complement and complete.

Saturday, October 23rd – 7 pm

World Premiere!
Born in a Barn

Born in a Barn Directed by Elizabeth Elson, 2004, USA, 50 minutes.
An intimate and sometimes humorous look into the extraordinary erotic lives of four seemingly ordinary people. Delving deep into the world of ponyplay, the fast-growing fetish in which enthusiasts roleplay as human ponies and handlers, this documentary explores the complex motives that drive this particular passion -and reveals how identity can be found in the pursuit of unconventional desire.

preceded by
Spanky! Spanky!

Directed by DJ Spot, 2002, USA, 3 minutes.
The original perv pop stars, Dick-n-jayne, with an ode to… spanky! spanky!

Happy Tears: A Vintage Vignette

Directed by Debra Hyde, 2004, USA, 4 minutes.
It’s all about the discipline – or so it goes in this loving recreation of a 1940s flagellation novel.

Dream Human

Directed by Tsubasa, 2003, USA 5 minutes.
Creating a perfect erotic vision.

Saturday, October 23rd – 9 pm

CineKink Centerpiece Screening – World Premiere!

CrossingDirected by Roger Evan Larry, 2003, Canada, 114 minutes. Starring Sebastian Spence, Crystal Buble, Bif Naked, Bernie Coulson and Alan C. Peterson.
In this engaging gender and genre bender, a cool gangster stumbles upon the thrills and perils of cross-dressing. After a deathbed promise to his mob-boss father to take the family business legit, Daniel discovers that the only thing standing in his way is his own secret desire – so secret he barely knows it himself – to dress like a woman and take it like a girl. Set up for blackmail by a rival hood and a camera-wielding hooker, Daniel is caught in a world of crime and desire, love and lingerie, where being true to himself may be the most dangerous choice of them all.

Saturday, October 23rd – 11:30 pm

World Premiere!
The Asylum

The AsylumDirected by Bob Zak, 2004, USA, 59 minutes. Starring Anastasia Pierce, Darenzia and Eve Ellis.
Held captive in a coma-like state, mind control experiments keep Anastasia trapped in a fetish netherworld, totally under the latex-clad domination of the evil Doctor Darenzia and her able nurse assistant, Eve Ellis. Lying prone and unconscious on the examination table, inside her mind she envisions a surreal series of S/M scenes and lushly depicted torments.

preceded by
East Coast Premiere!

ProinhibitionDirected by John Ervin, 2004, USA 30 minutes. Starring Fiacre Douglas and Jen Burleigh-Bentz.
The head of a futuristic rehab center must battle his own return to the bottle while obsessing over a dominatrix who’s been detained for treatment.

Sunday, October 24th

Sunday, October 24th – 1 pm

New York Premiere!
My Leather Jacket

Directed by Alexander Henryk Wisniowski, 2003, Canada, 84 minutes.
Completed during the director’s travels as Mr. Ottawa Leather Hull of 2002, this rough assemblage of on-the-road interviews is ultimately a compelling reflection on the public and private lives of contemporary leatherfolk – of where they’ve come from and where they hope to be next.

Sunday, October 24th – 3 pm

Encore Screening!
Mango Kiss

Mango Kiss
See Friday, 10/22 @ 7 pm for film description.

Sunday, October 24th – 5 pm

“Porn Again”

A directors’ panel, including clips and discussion, considers the growing body of explicitly sexual work that has emerged in the wake of “traditional” pornography, defying and appropriating its language and conventions:

Working Girlz

Working Girlz Directed by Morgana Maye, 2004, USA, excerpt.
Real dyke porn by real dykes, this “out-takes” reel shows the sensibilities and enthusiasm – and a few tricks of the trade – that go into its making.

Unforgettable Favorites

Unforgettable FavoritesDirected by Carolyn Caizzi, 2004, USA, excerpt.
Based on classic heterosexual porn scenarios and taking a shade of lipstick as its title, in this vignette, “Amethyst,” a bored housewife gets a visit from a transman plumber.

The Adventures of Buck Naked

Buck Naked Directed by Buck Angel, 2003, USA, excerpt.
The first hardcore female-to-male transsexual porn on the internet, Buck’s website bears the disclaimer, “it’s not about being female or male…it’s all about hot raw sex!”

I Sit on Acid

Directed by Ryan J. Wolowski, USA, 3 minutes.
Through masturbation, watersports, go-go dancing and being watched by his own hand-held camera, the director explores imagery, body, sexuality and self.

Sunday, October 24th – 7 pm

“Strange Bedfellows”

World Premiere!
Liberty in Restraint

Liberty in RestraintDirected by Michael Ney, 2004, Australia, 35 minutes.
A look at freedom of expression and the daring to follow one’s visions, this documentary follows fetish photographer, Noel Graydon, in his quest for authenticity, showing his work in progress, a passion for his art and its themes, and the transgressive activities of the community he moves within.

New York Premiere!
Blood for Peace

Videography by Sydney Masters, 2003, USA, 11 minutes.
Powerful and intense, this piercing ritual for peace was performed by Cate Cannon, Cleo Dubois and Fakir Musafar.

East Coast Premiere!

Carve Directed by Gretchen Hildebran, 2003, USA, 4 minutes.
A beautifully intimate view of body cutting as a personal, artistic and political practice.

New York Premiere!
Bush Beatin’

Directed by Kristen Anchor, 2004, USA, 1 minute.
The upcoming presidential election in reductive form.

East Coast Premiere!
The California State Recall – Folsom Street Style

Directed by Erica Milsom/Rebecca Weisser, 2004, USA, 8 minutes.
Takes a stroll through the infamous San Francisco street celebration, capturing views on the state’s gubernatorial upheaval.


Explosive Directed by Julie Tseselsky, 2004, USA, 11 minutes.
Combines graphic sexual imagery and performance with images of war, exploring society’s fetishistic and orgiastic obsession with violence and destruction. Shock and awe!

Sunday, October 24th – 9 pm

CineKink Awards and Closing Presentations

Encore screenings of selected best shorts from the festival, along with presentations of the annual CineKink Awards. Includes announcements of the festival’s Audience Choice Awards, along with the special CineKink Tribute, recognizing extraordinary kink achievement in mainstream film and television. Be sure to stick around to pass along your thanks and respects to all the recipients!