cinekink nyc 2005

CineKink Awards – 2005

A range of CineKink awards were announced at the festival’s closing gala celebration:

CineKink Choice – Audience Awards

CineKink Audience Choice Award – Best Narrative Feature

Going Under

CineKink Audience Choice Award – Best Documentary Feature

Pornology New York

CineKink Audience Choice Award – Honorable Mention Feature

Original Pride: The Satyrs Motorcycle Club
CineKink Best – Juried Shorts Awards

CineKink Best Short – Narrative


CineKink Best Short – Documentary


CineKink Best Short – Experimental (tie)

Harigata: The Alien Dildo That Turned Women into Sex-Hungry Lesbos



CineKink Honorable Best Mentions

Sullivan’s Last Call
CineKink Tribute

Honoring outstanding depictions of kink in mainstream film and television.


Honorable Mentions (aka The CineKink Nod)

Desperate Housewives
Dr. 90210
Wedding Crashers

CineKink NYC 2005 program

October 18-23, 2005

» Tickets, Pricing and Admissions

Tuesday, October 18th

Tuesday, October 18th – 8 pm

Kick-Off Party & Fundraiser

Screenings, schmooze and a special auction to benefit both CineKink and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom’s landmark challenge against the federal Communications Decency Act, “Nitke v. Gonzales.”

Don’t miss your chance to bid on a great assortment of devious goodies, with all proceeds from your purchase going to support a great cause! Leading the activities on the auction block will be Party Princess Lolita Wolf, ably assisted by auction bottom, Boymeat.

Featured works for the evening include:

  • Timeless toasts of the modern burlesque scene in Broad Daylight !!!
  • The perils of the pornstar-by-day, assassin-by-night Contract Girl !!!
  • More cutting-edge FTM transexual adventures with Buck’s Beaver !!!

Special Location:

Remote Lounge, 327 Bowery (near the corner of Bond St.), NYC. Subway: F,V to Second Ave.; 6 to Bleecker

Special Admission:

$5 suggested donation

Wednesday, October 19th

Screenings Location:

Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street), NYC. Subway: F,V to Second Ave.; 6 to Bleecker

Wednesday, October 19th– 7 pm

CineKink Season Opener!
Writer of O

Writer of O Directed by Pola Rapaport, 2004, USA, 80 minutes.
Published in Paris in 1954, Story of O was an immediate bestseller and literary scandal: an elegantly written S/M fantasy by the pseudonymous Pauline Reage. Years later, Dominique Aury, a mild-mannered editor for a prestigious French publisher, revealed that she was, in fact, the author. This rich documentary explores her original inspirations, recreating the world of literary Paris and setting it against vivid dramatic sequences that bring the infamous book to life – expounding on the thorny relationship between sexuality and power, submission and freedom, liberation and non-being.

Preceded by
Five Fucking Fables

Directed by Signe Baumane, 2002, USA, 7 minutes.
The ones who fuck live better.

Wednesday, October 19th– 9 pm

US Premiere!
Xaviera Hollander: The Happy Hooker

Xaviera Hollander Directed by Robert Dunlap, 2005, USA, 90 minutes.
More than thirty years after her autobiography The Happy Hooker hit the best-seller lists and rocked American society, Xaviera Hollander’s notoriety as an international madam lives on. In this documentary she reveals some of her most renowned escapades, ruminates on her rise to fame and eventual deportation from the United States, and discusses how her infamous exploits both drew upon and affected relationships with her family – all for an insightful look at an important sexual revolutionary and a telling portrait of a very particular historical time.

Thursday, October 20th

Thursday, October 20th – 7 pm

Original Pride: The Satyrs Motorcycle Club

Original Pride Directed by Scott Bloom, 2005, USA, 56 minutes.
One of the first gay men’s social organizations ever, The Satyrs Motorcycle Club was formed in 1954 and remains a vital group of Harley-riding, bearded and leather-clad men-loving men. This is first a journey back to that illustrious start, offering a look at the men who were there and framing their stories, memories and ongoing influences on the leather community. And then a trip of the present-day, a visit with The Satyrs at their annual outing in a remote Northern California location, where thousands of gay bikers gather and play in the woods.

Preceded by
World Premiere!
Pissies Not Sissies (IML 2003 – Part One)

Pissies Not Sissies Directed by Charles Lum, 2005, USA, 14 minutes.
A first-hand account of the jovial goings-on in the men’s room at a renowned international leather contest.


Directed by Alberto Ferreras, 2004, USA, 13 minutes.
Looks at the world of body modification and one man’s obsession with a larger penis.

Thursday, October 20th – 9 pm

East Coast Premiere!
Liberty in Restraint

Liberty in Restraint Directed by Michael Ney, 2005, Australia, 90 minutes.
As an aspiring photographer, the clandestine world of BDSM, fetish fashion and alternative sex was a powerful attraction for Noel Graydon. This riveting documentary introduces the mentors, muses and masochists who have inspired his artistic endeavors over the years, giving a glimpse into a world of S/M play enthusiasts who approach ‘absolution’ and sexuality ‘like an advanced driving course in sex’ and where the initiated take carnal license to extreme limits. (A 35-minute work-in-progress version of Liberty in Restraint screened last year at CineKink and was named Best Short Documentary.)

preceded by
Blue Box Blues

Blue Box BluesDirected by Michael Brynntrup, 2004, Germany, 7 minutes.
How long does a twinkling of an eye last? What all happens in a moment? Slap in a snap – a document of directing and a video on the half-life of still photos.

Screening sponsored by The Eulenspiegel Society

Friday, October 21st

Friday, October 21st – 7 pm

New York Premiere!
Made in Secret: The Story of the East Van Porn Collective

Made in SecretOne Tiny Whale, 2004, Canada, 86 minutes.
An enthralling and deliciously perplexing labor of love, made over the course of three years by a group of friends who wanted to make a documentary about their local anarcho-feminist pansexual porn production collective. The only problem was, that collective didn’t exist – so they had to become it, meaning they had to actually make anarcho-feminist pansexual porn. Starring, quite naturally, themselves. Is the resulting film a documentary? A drama? (Wait – which film?!) Even the collective doesn’t know for sure.

preceded by
World Premiere!
Different Strokes

Directed by Kristine Herzog, 2005 USA, 2 minutes.
A meditation on materialism and the perserverence of id.

New York Premiere!
Pez Porno

Directed by Kristen Anchor and Rahne Alexander, 2005 USA, 2 minutes.
Here cums Santa Claus.

Friday, October 21st – 9 pm

Women in Love

Women in LoveDirected by Karen Everett, 2005, USA, 59 minutes.
Turning the camera on herself and a remarkable community of culturally significant sex radicals in San Francisco, filmmaker Karen Everett looks at ways of loving that range from friendship to marriage to brief encounters of the passionate kind, for a video autobiography that dares much and bares all. Featuring appearances by renowned lesbian filmmakers Jacki and Shar (‘Bend Over Boyfriend’ and ‘How to Fuck in High Heels’) and photographer Phyllis Christopher, this riveting documentary poses universal questions about the nature of relationships, both monogamous and polyamorous.

preceded by
US Premiere!
Polly Wally

Polly WallyDirected by Kirby Ferguson, 2005, Canada, 4 minutes. Starring Danielle Baker, Pascal Boisvert and Kirby Ferguson.
The sweet story of a polyamorous guy just searching for his non-monogamous queen.


OpenDirected by Teale Failla, 2005, USA, 12 minutes. Starring Mindy Seegal, Mariah Helfrich and Cynthia Kern.
With intersecting timelines, an open relationship turns the lives of three women into a whirlwind of betrayal, bingo and sex toys.

Screening sponsored by Lesbian Sex Mafia

Friday, October 21st – 11 pm

“Nocturnal Envisions”

Nighttime ramblings of the feverish and fantastic kind.

Harigata: The Alien Dildo That Turned Women into Sex-Hungry Lesbos

HarigataDirected by Szu Burgess, 2003, USA, 9 minutes.
The invasion of Harigata – the dildo in Japanese culture – may in fact be America’s worst nightmare come true.

US Premiere!
Let the Punishment Fit the Child

Let the Punishment Fit the ChildDirected by Maria Beatty and Margie Schnibbe, 1997, USA, 20 minutes. Starring Maria Beatty and Margie Schnibbe.
Two women are bonded by rituals. They might be “mother and “daughter” or two lovers playing games of domination, submission, voyeurism and cruel tenderness, but does it really matter?

US Premiere!
Ecstasy in Berlin – 1926

BerlinDirected by Maria Beatty, 2004, USA, 45 minutes. Starring Sonya Sovereign and Paula Rosengarthen.
A golden Weimar beauty slips a needle into her creamy thigh and drifts into euphoric fantasy, all beginning with a white-gloved hand at her throat and a lingering kiss from a stunning and powerful woman.

World Premiere!

DragonLilyDirected by Napoleon Lake, 2005, USA, 21 minutes. Featuring DragonLily and Steven Speliotis.
On a stroll around Greenwich Village, DragonLily discovers Steven Speliotis’ book Asia Bondage and is transported to her own explicit fantasy world of intricate bondage.

Saturday, October 22nd

Saturday, October 22nd – 1 pm

Hearts Cracked Open: Tantra For Women Who Love Women

Hearts Cracked OpenDirected by Betsy Kalin, 2004, USA, 57 minutes.
Intimacy. Ecstasy. Bliss. Lesbian sex and spiritual connection: Can one really enhance the other? This informative documentary answers with a resounding yes! – and provides Tantric daily practices and sexual techniques of specific use to lesbian and bisexual women.

World Premiere!
Dr. Suzy’s Squirt Salon

Dr. Suzy's Squirt SalonDirected by Susan Block, PhD, 2005, USA, 28 minutes.
What are the secrets of G-spot female ejaculation? The inimitable Dr. Suzy jumps in with a celebration, exploration and detailed explanation of this orgasmic phenomenon.

Saturday, October 22nd – 3 pm

East Coast Premiere!
Enough Man

Enough ManDirected by Luke Woodward, 2005, USA, 61 minutes.
At once sexy and political, documentary and porn meet in this groundbreaking video about body image, relationships, sex and sexuality from the perspective of nine female-to-male (FTM) transmen and their partners.

preceded by

MoustacheDirected by Vicki Sugars, 2004, USA, 8 minutes.
Mother Nature lends a hand to spice up a woman’s boring married life.

East Coast Premiere!
Their Bodies

Directed by Angela Fisher, 2005, USA 7 minutes.
Animated line drawings explore passion, uninhibited sex, queerness and masculinity.

New York Premiere!
The Lancebian

The LancebianDirected by Jenn Garrison, 2003, USA, 11 minutes.
Preparing for a swinging birthday bash, drag king Mocha Jean Herrup channels the energies of ‘N Sync member, Lance Bass.

Saturday, October 22nd – 5 pm

“A Bear, A Pup and Lots of Uniforms”

Just a few of our favorite fixations.


PupDirected by Antonia Kao, 2005, USA, 22 minutes.
This tender documentary follows two gay, Christian leathermen – Master Skip and Pup Tim – as they prepare to compete in the International Puppy Contest, a leather title contest for human canines and their handlers.

A Few Good Dykes

A Few Good DykesDirected by Mocha Jean Herrup, 2004, USA, 50 minutes.
Is it the masculinity? The control? The performance? The muscles and the shiny buttons? This behind-the-scenes look at the Dyke Uniform Corps explores the surprising, endearing, uniquely revealing and sometimes troubling reasons why its members wear the uniform and belong to this cult of masculinity.

preceded by

Directed by David Quantic, 2004, USA, 5 minutes.
See what curls this bear’s toes in the morning.

Saturday, October 22nd – 7 pm

“Negotiations and Love Songs”

Ah, romance! A collection of short give-and-takes on the ebb and flow of power and control in a range of relationships.

Polly Wally

Polly WallyDirected by Kirby Ferguson, 2005, Canada, 4 minutes. Starring Danielle Baker, Pascal Boisvert and Kirby Ferguson.
The sweet story of a polyamorous guy just searching for his non-monogamous queen.

Sullivan’s Last Call

Sullivan's Last CallDirected by Francesca Rizzo, 1996, USA, 18 minutes. Starring Francesca Rizzo and Steven Mark Friedman
A sexy film about…celibacy.

World Premiere!
My Last White Boy Crush

Last White BoyBryan Jackson, 2005, USA, 5 minutes. Featuring Mike Biscotti.
Heartbreak never tasted so sweet.


PowerplayDirected by Greg Lawson, 2004, Netherlands, 3 minutes.
Two businessmen-turned-leathermen in a classic animated saga.

World Premiere!
Power and Love: Powerplay in Relationships

Power and LoveDirected by Gabriele Hoff, PsyD, 2005, USA, 31 minutes.
Interspersed with footage of their erotic S/M play, one heterosexual couple discusses the place that sexual dominance and submission holds in their relationship, their trials and tribulations – and the fulfillment of having a partner whose needs are so perfectly matched.

US Premiere!
Subtle Body

Subtle BodyDirected by Dunbin Phelless, 2005, Iceland, 11 minutes. Featuring Anastasia and Dunbin Phelless.
To the strains of Fila Brazilia’s Subtle Body, a video of consensual power exchange by an Icelandic rubber fetishist freely bound.

Saturday, October 22nd – 9 pm

New York Premiere!
Going Under

Going UnderDirected by Eric Werthman, 2004, USA, 98 minutes. Starring Roger Rees, Geno Lechner and Miho Nikaido.
A sensuous and emotionally complex tale of seemingly impossible love between a married psychotherapist and the professional dominatrix he’s been seeing for more than two years. With the consent of his wife, they’ve been meeting weekly in the privacy of a dungeon, where she pierces, prods and ultimately soothes him. Careful protocols about behavior are enforced, but when she announces she’s leaving the business and he seeks to see her “outside,” the rules and the relationship change.

Saturday, October 22nd – 11:15 pm

US Premiere!
Pornology New York

Pornology Directed by Michele Capozzi, 2005, USA, 85 minutes. Featuring Michele Capozzi, Neville Chambers, Porsche Lynn and Lenny Waller.
A paean to underground New York, circa 1970-85, this engrossing documentary brings together four of its most colorful protagonists – Michele Capozzi, urban explorer and self-titled pornologist; Neville Chambers, founder of the infamous Fuck Factory; Lenny Waller, long-time front-man of the meat-packing district’s now-defunct Hellfire Club and renowned pornstar/mistress/shaman, Porsche Lynn – for a look back in time, an assessment of where we are today…and one very wild farewell party.

preceded by
World Premiere!

Directed by Joe Gallant, 2005, USA 7 minutes.
A meditation on love in the crosshairs, the post-mod tectonic power-shift so visible in contemporary relationships.

Sunday, October 23nd

Sunday, October 23rd – 8 pm

CineKink Awards Celebration

This year – no movies on Sunday, just the chance to sleep in so you can look your fabulous best for our grand finale, the CineKink Awards Celebration! Put on your shiny finery, head on out to the spanking new and beautiful Bacchus Studio and toast this year’s fantastic crop of CineKink filmmakers and award winners. The festivities will feature encore screenings of jury-selected best shorts from the festival, along with presentations of the festival’s Audience Choice Awards – and of the special CineKink Tribute, a yearly honor that recognizes extraordinary kink achievement in mainstream film and television.
Come out to meet and maybe even, er, mingle with the stars!

Special Location:

Bacchus Studio, 515 W. 29th St. (bet. 10th & 11th), NYC