lust, love, life

life lust love
A collection of sexy shorts, celebrating those
all-crucial four-letter words.


Directed by Rashaad Ernesto Green,
2009, USA, 4 minutes.

A young man muses about a long-ago choice.

wiggle room

Directed by Jessica King and Julie Keck,
2010, USA, 10 minutes.

In the midst of a sexual slump, Mattie looks
for inspiration in a very private place.

teat beat of sex

Directed by Signe Baumane, 2010,
USA, 4 minutes.

Another shocking view of sex from a woman’s perspective.

little deaths

Directed by Ruth Lingford, 2010, USA, 11 minutes.
A colorful and animated investigation into the experience of orgasm.

fucking is the only prayer

Directed by Louise Lash, 2010, Australia, 3 minutes.
There is no immortal soul, only minds and bodies. This moment of touch,
this instant of emotion.

life, love, lust

Directed by Erika Lust, 2010, Spain, 35 minutes.
A sumptuous trilogy of erotic cinema. LIFE: After a day together at the restaurant, a chef and a waitress have an incredible encounter to celebrate his birthday. LOVE: A forty-something executive seduces the young man she occasionally meets in a city hotel. LUST: Lola uses every part of her sensual body to give an intense skin-on-skin massage to a shy and lonely woman, driving her to pure ecstasy.

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