pride & predilections

waxie moon
A fun and festive assortment of shorts about sexual orientation, identity and one’s place in the world.


Directed by Betsy Kalin, 2010,
USA, 14 minutes.

From Victorian pocket watches to Zoot Suit style to motorcycle necessity, what does a wallet chain say about one’s identity?

baby cake

Directed by Pearl Tan, 2010,
Australia/USA, 6 minutes.

A gay couple and a lesbian couple try to conceive a baby… the old-fashioned way.

wiggle room

Directed by Jessica King and Julie Keck,
2010, USA, 10 minutes.

In the midst of a sexual slump, Mattie seeks
inspiration in a very private place.

ms. thing

Directed by Karen X. Tulchinsky, 2010, Canada, 8 minutes.
Looking for love in all the wrong places, a young urban lesbian finds total fulfillment in an unusual package.


Directed by Leslie Hope, 2010, USA, 10 minutes.
On a particularly lonely Christmas Eve, Scott decides the answer to all his problems may lie in North Hollywood…his name is Keith and he’s willing to wear pantyhose if Scott comes over.


Directed by Eric Casaccio, 2010, USA, 19 minutes.
A hard working yet fragile soul faces his inner demons, buried behind a drag queen persona and pursuing the dream of a lifetime.

shake it

Directed by Toby Fell-Holden, 2010, USA, 6 minutes.
Coming back to her date’s apartment for a first-time visit, a woman has a big surprise in store.

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