cinekink nyc 2006

CineKink Awards – 2006

A range of CineKink awards were announced at the festival’s closing gala celebration:

CineKink Choice – Audience Awards

CineKink Audience Choice Award – Best Documentary Feature

Vice & Consent

CineKink Audience Choice Award – Best Narrative Feature

O – Power of Submission

CineKink Audience Choice Award – Honorable Mention Feature

Webcam Girls
CineKink Best – Juried Shorts Awards

CineKink Best Short – Narrative (tie)




CineKink Best Short – Documentary


CineKink Best Short – Experimental

Filthy Food

CineKink Honorable Best Mentions

Do You Take It?
Honey and Bunny
Hot & Bothered: Feminist Pornography
CineKink Tribute

Honoring outstanding depictions of kink in mainstream film and television.

Notorious Bettie Page

Honorable Mentions (aka The CineKink Nod)

The Montel Williams Show
This Film is Not Yet Rated
What About Brian?

CineKink NYC 2006 program

October 17-22, 2006

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Tuesday, October 17th

Tuesday, October 17th – 8 pm

Kick-Off Gala

The Wet Spots This year’s kick-off gala moves to Bacchus and meeting us there will be none other than that fabulous kinky cabaret duo, the Wet Spots!

Fresh from a world tour, the duo will be performing such melodious musical marvels as Bi-Curious George, Piggy Pile and Labia Limbo, along with their internet music video smash hit, Do You Take It?

Take a sneak peek at Do You Take It? – which also plays on the CineKink big-screen on 10/18 @ 7 pm.

Special Location:

Bacchus, 515 W. 29th Street, NYC

Special Admission:

$20 advance; $25 door if available – space is limited!

21 and over only.

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Wednesday, October 19th

Screenings Location:

Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue (at Second Street), NYC. Subway: F,V to Second Ave.; 6 to Bleecker

Wednesday, October 18th – 7 pm

CineKink Season Opener!
Notorious Bettie Page

Notorious Bettie Page Directed by Mary Harron, 2006, USA, 86 minutes. Starring Gretchen Mol, Lili Taylor, Jonathan M. Woodward and David Strathairn.
With lavish attention to detail, recreates the blazing course of the infamous pin-up girl, Bettie Page, who grew up in a conservative, religious family and went on to became a photo model sensation in 1950s New York City. After falling in with photographers Irving and Paula Klaw, who thought to put a riding crop in her hand, Bettie Page’s legendary fetish poses made her the target of a senate investigation into pornography – and transformed her into an icon who continues to enthrall fans to this day.

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Preceded by
Do You Take It?

Do you take it? Directed by Kirby Ferguson, 2006, Canada, 3 minutes.
The Wet Spots ask that crucial, musical question…

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Wednesday, October 18th – 9 pm

US Premiere!
Torture Garden TGX

Torture Garden Directed by Mark J. Blackman, 2006, UK, 67 minutes.
Captures the unique atmosphere, color and energy of a normally underground scene as the Torture Garden, the world’s largest fetish and body art club, celebrates its 15th anniversary by taking over an enormous London venue and transforming it into an eclectic mix of clubs within a club: fashion arena, cabaret arena, burlesque ballroom, dungeon and playrooms.

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Preceded by
New York Premiere!
Bunuel Y’All!

Directed by Armand A. Ruhlman, 2004, USA 10 minutes.
Sometimes clear, sometimes obscure, clips from Bunuel’s Belle de Jour are woven together with the trance-like, repetitive flow of fantasy.

Pork Chop

Pork Chop Directed by Tom Barnes, 2002, USA 10 minutes.
A lonely young woman develops an obsession for a particular type of flesh.

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Thursday, October 19th

Thursday, October 19th – 6:30 pm

East Coast Premiere!
Vice & Consent

Vice & Consent Directed by Howard Scott Warshaw, 2006, USA, 56 minutes.
The candor, wit and wisdom of such prominent, long-standing members of the BDSM community as Midori, Jay Wiseman, Janet Hardy, Race Bannon, Cleo Dubois and Michael Blue, help shatter some popular myths about BDSM practice and its practitioners, looking instead at the gifts of intimacy that lie within.

Preceded by
World Premiere!
The Line Between

The Line Between Directed by Jonathan Marten, 2006, USA, 24 minutes.
When straight-laced Meg is pulled inside the how-to BDSM video she has rented, she moves from voyeur to participant in an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ journey through the world of fetish.

Screening sponsored by The Eulenspiegel Society

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Thursday, October 19th – 8:30 pm

East Coast Premiere!
The Sex Movie

The Sex Movie Directed by Colton Lawrence, 2006, USA, 84 minutes. Starring Michelle Mosley, Matthew Tyler, Mike Fallon and Eleese Longino.
When four friends spend an evening together after time apart, differences in sex and sexuality – one gay, one straight, one bi and one lesbian, with differing views on monogamy and relationships – reveal deep-rooted conflicts and hidden longings. The night slowly becomes a sexual cat-and-mouse game as their defenses are stripped away and they come to face the rigidly defined roles they’ve been playing

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Thursday, October 19th – 10:30 pm

East Coast Premiere!
The Amateurs

The Amateurs Directed by Usama Alshaibi, 2003, USA, 49 minutes.
A trio of would-be pornographers puts out a casting call for their upcoming cinematic opus, but lackluster turnout and slapstick endeavors gleefully – and rather disconcertingly – beg the question of whether they’ll ever achieve video penetration.

preceded by
Rim Jobs: Yay or Nay

Rim Jobs Directed by Kirby Ferguson, 2006, Canada, 6 minutes.
Charlene hits the street to get to the bottom of an always divisive topic.

Dick Ho: Asian Male Porn Star

Dick Ho Directed by Jeffrey Lei, 2004, USA, 31 minutes. With Sharon Mitchell, Kay Parker, Annie Sprinkle and Mika Tan.
A look at the “mythical” 70s porn legend, Dick Ho, who was allegedly so well endowed that rumors of a porn industry conspiracy to eliminate any knowledge of his existence persist today.

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Friday, October 20th

Friday, October 20th – 6:30 pm

East Coast Premiere!
Webcam Girls

Webcam Girls Directed by Aerlyn Weissman, 2004, Canada, 52 minutes.
A funny and engaging visit with four outspoken pioneers of the girlcam frontier. Ducky Doolittle seduces her cyber-fans with a heady mix of fun and sexuality. Ana Voog uses her cam as a 24/7 performance art vehicle. Dionne Lowen quit her job selling cars to open an ethical porn site. And Teresa Senft, adding her notions of biography, privacy and micro-celebrity, declares that rather than 15 minutes of fame, in the future “everyone will be famous to 15 people.”

preceded by
Hot and Bothered: Feminist Pornography

Hot and BotheredDirected by Becky Goldberg, 2003, USA, 37 minutes. Includes Greta Christina, Nina Hartley, Sharon Mitchell and Tristan Taormino.
An empowering look at women committed to making and supporting pornography that includes their feminist values, going up against stereotypes and sexism to get what they want.

Screening hosted by Ducky Doolittle

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Friday, October 20th – 8:30 pm

“Chick Flicks”

Works created with a female viewer in mind debunk the notion that women aren’t visually responsive – and give proof that “what they want” from porn isn’t necessarily all about soft, gauzy focus and rose petals.

Program includes excerpts taken from the Happy Endings series, which recreates female sexual fantasies, from the Coming Home compilation of porn created by-and-for dykes and – hot from the UK! – naughty tales from the A&O Department, a rather unique British hospital where women call all the shots.

A&O Department: Supply Nurse

A&O Supply NurseDirected by Anna Span, 2004, UK, 25 minutes.

Happy Endings: Brooke Bound

A&O Supply Nurse Directed by Napoleon Lake, 2006, USA, 16 minutes.

A&O Department: Sperm Sample

A&O Sperm SampleDirected by Anna Span, 2004, UK, 25 minutes.

Coming Home: Miss Angeline & Chance Berlin

Coming Home Directed by Carolyn Caizzi, 2006, USA, 13 minutes.

A&O Department: Operation Bukkake

A&O bukkakeDirected by Anna Span, 2004, UK, 25 minutes.

Screening sponsored by Cake NYC

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Friday, October 20th – 10:45 pm

East Coast Premiere!
Other People’s Mirrors

Other People's Mirrors Directed by Kristie Alshaibi, 2002, USA, 70 minutes.
A pseudo sci-fi of pornographic proportions, centering around the journey of Echo Transgression, who believes that if she follows the alien directives being transmitted into her nervous system, all of them taboos regarding the body, she will escape to her own version of nirvana. Underground legend Nick Zedd plays Narcissus, a secret agent who makes sure she stays on course.

Plus, Audition, a behind-the-scenes look at the casting process for the video.

preceded by

Directed by Samantha Appell, 2006, USA 15 minutes.
Several characters who get sexual pleasure from food come together at a weekly support group, where secrets and deception abound.

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Saturday, October 21st

Saturday, October 21st – 12:30 pm

Orgasmic Women: 13 Self-Loving Divas

Orgasmic WomenDirected by Marianna Beck, 2005, USA, 62 minutes.
When renowned sexologist Betty Dodson put out a casting call to demystify female orgasm, a bold group of women volunteered to tell their stories on camera. The result is a rare gift of intimacy, a spirited sharing of their diverse masturbation practices.

preceded by
World Premiere!

Want Directed by Loree Erickson, 2006, Canada, 9 minutes.
Explicit images merge with everyday moments for a different – and sexy – view of disability.


Want Directed by Usama Alshaibi, 2001, USA, 9 minutes.
An optically-enhanced challenge to the tensions between object and voyeur, pleasure and performance, face and ass.

Screening sponsored by Lesbian Sex Mafia

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Saturday, October 21st – 2:30 pm

US Premiere!
Tears Before Bedtime

Tears Directed by Kevin Klehr, 2004, Australia, 86 minutes.
A tour of a Mistress’ dungeon, a boy’s array of uniforms and a slave’s love of pain are all part of the journey through the world of kink in Sydney, Australia. From all walks of life and orientations, those who engage in BDSM professionally, recreationally or as an art form, discuss such niceties as where it is safe to strike with a whip, how to restore confidence after a play session and the delicate etiquette of throwing an orgy.

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Saturday, October 21st – 4:30 pm

“The State of Smut: NYC” – Panel Discussion

Smut NYCNo longer the hub of porn production it was in the 1970s, New York City has become a haven for film directors who are forging new paths in adult entertainment.

Is it the city that inspires different visions? And how different are these movies from the ones produced in Porn Valley, really? Questions from the audience will be encouraged and film clips will be shown!

Moderated by Audacia Ray, panelists include Tony Comstock, Tony Dimarco, Joe Gallant and Candida Royalle.

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Saturday, October 21st – 6:30 pm

“Power Plays”

A collection of short give-and-takes that probe, prod and play with the dynamics of sexual power and fantasy. Who’s the top? Who wants to be?!?

The Green Room

Green Room Directed by Usama Alshaibi, 2001, USA, 6 minutes.
A couple waits in the green room, anticipating their own performance.

Rush Meditation

Directed by Lydia Eccles, 2005, USA, 4 minutes.
A naked woman meditates in the midst of the rush hour throngs.

Dog Eat Dog (IML 2003/Part 3)

Dog Eat Dog Directed by Charles Lum, 2006, USA, 12 minutes.
Performance in sexual identity is explored during the first “sanctioned” Puppy Party event at a renowned international leather contest.

how long has it been?

How Long Directed by Tobaron Waxman, 2001, USA, 7 minutes.
A daddy/boy scene between two female-to-male transmen considers the question of how time unfolds for the submissive.


guy101 Directed by Ian Gouldstone, 2005, UK, 8 minutes.
A man hears a story about a hitchhiker from the other side of the Internet.


Hitchcocked Directed by David Young, 2006, USA, 8 minutes.
A hot casual-sex encounter stirs up some surprising truths about love, life, online-dating…and danger.

World Premiere!
The Question

Directed by Diana Fodor, 2006, Canada, 4 minutes.
Pondering the relationship between writer and fictional character, which came first – the whip or the word?

World Premiere!
Powerplay in Relationships: Charis & Rob

Powerplay Directed by Gabriele Hoff, PsyD, 2006, USA, 31 minutes.
Interspersed with footage of their S/M play and re-enactments of their fantasy roleplay scenarios, a newly-engaged couple discusses their relationship and the key place that powerplay holds within it.

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Saturday, October 21st – 8:30 pm

“Passion Plays”

Erotic and sometimes explicit, these works dance along the supposed boundary between art and porn, utilizing heat and sex to heighten meaning and further the story.

Roast Rabbit, Peruvian Girl and Desolation

Rabbit Directed by Pablo Valiente, 2005, Spain, 12 minutes.
Paco is an old centurion, ready for his last fight, in a world that is passing him by.

World Premiere!
Untitled First Porno

Untitled Directed by Kirby Ferguson, 2006, Canada, 6 minutes.
A boy, a girl and a bed.

Honey and Bunny

Honey & BunnyDirected by Eva Midgley, 2004, UK, 10 minutes.
One lovely afternoon, in a place not far from you, Honey and Bunny embark on an exciting adventure.

World Premiere!
Filthy Food

Filthy Food Directed by T. Arthur Cottam, 2006, USA, 5 minutes.
Eat it. Lick it. Suck it. Swallow it. Relax, it’s just food.

World Premiere!

Headshot Directed by Jennifer Lyon Bell, 2006, The Netherlands, 9 minutes.
In a nod to Andy Warhol, depicts an actual first-time sexual encounter via the facial expressions of only one participant, a leather-jacketed young man.

US Premiere!
Damon and Hunter: Doing It Together

Damon & Hunter Directed by Tony Comstock, 2006, USA, 46 minutes.
Banned in Australia! Sumptuous and richly detailed, this latest in a groundbreaking series of explicit documentaries about real-life lovers takes a truly intimate look inside the personal relationship of rising adult stars Damon DeMarco and Hunter James.

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Saturday, October 21st – 10:30 pm

World Premiere!
O – The Power of Submission

O Directed by Ernest Greene, 2006, USA, 160 minutes plus intermission. Featuring Carmen Luvana, Kiley Ireland, Shayla Laveaux, Justine Joli, Adrianna Nicole, Evan Stone and Tommy Gun, with a special guest appearance by Nina Hartley.
The 1954 S/M literary classic, The Story of O, is updated to contemporary Los Angeles and given the hardcore treatment in this loving adaptation. Here, O is a tough and self-determined fetish photographer who is delivered by her boyfriend, Ray, to his brother Stephen’s ultra posh mansion in the hills. There she finds herself in the company of other modern-day kinksters and, surrendering herself to training, learns about the passion, pleasure – and power – of submitting oneself completely to the will of another.

Screening sponsored by Njoy

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Sunday, October 22nd

Sunday, October 22nd – 7 pm & 8:30 pm

CineKink Awards & Afterglow Party

Put on your shiny finery and come out to toast this year’s fantastic crop of CineKink filmmakers and award winners.

Awards – 7 pm

Encore screenings of jury-selected best shorts from the festival, along with presentations of the annual CineKink Awards.

Afterglow Party – 8:30 pm

Your last chance to meet and mingle with fellow CineKinksters. Lounge on the sofas, descend into the pillow pit or even recline across a spanking bench, settling in for one final evening of CineKinky goodness playing out around you.

Featured works for the evening include:

Special Location:

Bacchus Studio, 515 W. 29th St. (bet. 10th & 11th), NYC

Special Admission:

Cost for awards and afterglow party is $15/advance; $20/door, space permitting.

Admission is for 7 pm – 12 midnight. Doors close at 10 pm.

No alcohol will be served at this party, but mixers will be available.

Admission to attend the awards ceremony only is $5.