rites & roles

rites & roles

Focusing on the rituals we practice and the roles we play, this collection of shorts touches upon a wide range of kinky expression.

Push Me

dirty signing

Sign language never looked so bawdy! Mr. Palm Springs Leather M.C. Lenny Broberg and ASL interpreter Nick teach the crowd how to mix signing and sex.
Directed by Mike Skiff, 2010, USA, 5 minutes.


A young man is lured to NYC’s Black Party, where he lusts after the object of his obsession and experiments with the rituals of an underground society.
Directed by Bunnyz, 2015, USA, 11 minutes.

melody (lost)

A man recounts the story of an impactful affair as he tries to rebuild his identity afterwards.
Directed by Kevin Chatham, 2015, USA, 5 minutes.

pig at the ocean

The second in the Colette series. Pig…and Colette. At the ocean.
Directed Stephen Elliott, 2015, USA, 7 minutes.


One man spends his days in a chastity cage, locked away yet teased, loved and tormented, waiting for his release. Will it ever come? Directed by René de Sans and Mamana, 2015, Germany, 4 minutes.

push me

At a turning point in her life, Siri feels frustrated about not daring to do what she dreams about. She feels stopped from living fully, from being who she wants to be, from screaming when she wants to scream and living out her fantasy of dominating someone else sexually. Directed by Tove Pils, 2015, Sweden, 26 minutes.

an appointment with my master

Fantasy: “I would love to find the Master of my dreams. I would set an appointment with him, I don’t know, once a month. Just like you do with a psychologist or a dentist or a hairdresser. I imagine a handsome, strong and polite man. We would know very little about each other’s lives outside our sessions.”
Directed by Erika Lust, 2015, Spain, 15 minutes. Stars Amarna Millar and Mickey Mod.

couch surfing

When pro-dom January unexpectedly finds herself staying with Skyler and Sage, she ends up playing emotional and sexual therapist to her slacker hosts. In the course of her stay, January manages to whip more than just their struggling camming business into shape and leaves a mark not only on their asses but on their lives.
Directed by Paul Deeb, 2015, USA, 21 minutes. Stars Andre Shakti, Nora Belle and Dane Cross.

Total program running time is 89 minutes.

date & time:
Saturday, March 5 – 7:50 PM
Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue (@ 2nd Street)
$10; $8/seniors & students
18 and over only.

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