consent counts

Fck Yes Foreplay

A selection of shorts addressing the question of consent, followed by a panel discussion that expands the conversation to include all that is relevant in this time of the #MeToo movement.

Moderated by writer/activist Camilla Saly-Monzingo, panelists Erica C. Anderson, Julie Keck and Jessica King, creators of the F*ck Yes series, which strives to provide informative and actually sexy models of pre-coital conversation, along with Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway, lifestyle BDSM players and co-founders of Severe Sex Films, a company that aims to combine authentic BDSM with cinematic production values, and Alan Levy Esq. representing the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and the organization’s Consent Counts program.

And the films include:

sock puppet

Can’t quite say the words yourself?

f*ck yes: bucket list

Two women in a May-December romance lay all of their wants and needs on the table.
Directed by Jessica King, 2018, USA, 4 minutes. Stars Guinevere Turner and Kaitlin Webster.

f*ck yes: foreplay

Sometimes there really just isn’t a sports metaphor for what you’re trying to say.
Directed by Erica C. Anderson, 2017, USA, 5 minutes. Stars Nardeep Khurmi and Vivi Thai.

f*ck yes: toys

Jake wants his girlfriend to try something new in bed. Atsuko turns it into something completely unexpected.
Directed by Emily Best, 2017, USA, 3 minutes. Stars Jake Choi and Atsuko Okatsuka.

f*ck yes: threesome

There are really loving (and hot) ways to handle a partner’s change in mood. Here’s just one.
Directed by Jessica King, 2018, USA, 3 minutes. Stars Daniel Kyri and Carlton McBeth.


A couple plays power games in the bedroom, creating an intricate web of negotiation and consent.
Directed by James Solomon, 2015, New Zealand, 8 minutes. Stars Morgan Albrecht and Josh McKenzie.

yes campaign

A whimsical, sex-positive look at the many wonderful ways we can say “Yes” to each other. Inspired by the recent marriage equality vote in Australia, this film is a celebration of acceptance and consent.
Directed by Ms. Naughty, Australia, 2017, 8 minutes. Features Jiz Lee, Sadie Lune, Lilith Jovian, Dante Dionys, Bishop Black, Rooster X-Ray, Kali Sudhra, Parker Marx, KAy Garnellen, Luke, Dion De Rossi, Leo, Nichole, and Lina Bembe.
date & time:
Saturday, March 17 – 1:00 PM
Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue (@ 2nd Street)
$14; $11/seniors & students, $10/CineKink members
18 and over only.

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