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Morning After
This collection of lusty shorts explores libidinous pursuit, from solo act to group expression.

don’t call me

Dick, Cunt, Asshole… why are those words insults, when these body parts are so magnificent?
Directed by Olympe De G., France, 3 minutes. Stars Bishop Black, Rooster and Heidi Switch.

pillow talkies

When you make explicit the sexual subtext of two sexually-repressed 1940 films, does it enhance the dialogue’s meaning or detract from it?
Directed by David Brundige, 2017, USA, 3 minutes.

asian man, white woman

Can’t a guy just get a little fantasy time?
Directed by and stars Woody Fu, 2017, USA, 2 minutes.

the merminator

A nymphomaniac mermaid attempts to fulfill her carnal desires on the high seas.
Directed by Heido Ho, 2017, USA/Croatia, 4 minutes. Stars Miss Heido Ho, Sierra Cirque, Buckbrian and Paradoxipus.


A washed-up golf instructor sleeps with his female clients and thinks life is great until he runs into an old pal. Does Rick reconsider his path, or will he just keep on swinging?
Directed by Dylan Zivitz, 2017, USA, 6 minutes. Stars Hudson Meeks and Rickey Parrish.

date night

A happily married woman is about to be even happier when she meets a hot guy at a bar.
Directed by Gabriel Bradley, 2017, USA, 3 minutes. Stars Sanaye Nelson and Sam West.


A white couple picks up an attractive black man for a threesome. As the two review the experience they probe each other, masking their own insecurities with hipster irony and provocation, all to slightly embarrassing effect.
Directed by Leonard Garner, 2017, Germany, 10 minutes. Stars Dorothee Krüger, Andreas Berg and Ahmad Larnes.

cruising elsewhere

Whatever happened to Wohler Beach? Oral histories and spectral pornography resurrect memories of a once legendary gay beach.
Directed by Ryan White, 2017, USA, 13 minutes.

wild flowers

The line between reality and fantasy grows faint when desires become so strong.
Directed by Kira Bursky, 2016, USA, 7 minutes. Stars Madelyn Cline, Elizabeth Austin and Taylor Cowan.


After the end of a passionate and all-consuming love affair, Jules seeks out a range of encounters, desperate to forget and feel alive again.
Directed by Ingrid Lanzenberg, 2016, France, 11 minutes. Stars Novak Hanna.

be right back

A bored shopkeeper casts her colorful customers in a series of escalating sexual fantasies–until she finally decides to do something about it.
Directed by Hilda Schmelling, 2016, USA, 12 minutes. Stars Liz Claire, Molly Shaiken, Natalie Wong, Jaq H. Dalziel, Jacob Wylen, Tony Contreras, Garth Grimball, Deanna Bangs, Heather Stockton, Natacha Pope and Katie Rose.

morning after

After a long time abroad, a young man returns home and reunites with friends. A sensual game amongst them forces him to confront deep conflicts that lead to a powerful awakening.
Directed by Patricia Chica, 2017, Canada, 15 minutes. Stars Thomas Vallières, Kristian Hodko, Zoé De Grand Maison, Joey Scarpellino and Jordana Lajoie. » watch trailer
date & time:
Friday, March 16 – 9:15 PM
Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue (@ 2nd Street)
$14; $11/seniors & students, $10/CineKink members
18 and over only.

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