best of cinekink/2012

best of cinekink/2012

day in the countryA special screening of award-winning shorts deemed the year’s best from CineKink, “the kinky film festival!”

the transsexual dominatrix

Shawna Virago, 2011, USA, 4 minutes.
Shawna Virago doles out lyrical pleasure-pain in a new leather anthem.
best music video

skallamann (baldguy)

Directed by Maria Block, 2011, Norway, 12 minutes.
A lively musical about forbidden and boundless love.
honorable best mention

pedal to pleasure

Poppy Cox & Anne Fidler, 2011, USA, 8 minutes.
A young woman discovers that all the satisfaction she needs is right between her legs.
honorable best mention

what makes us queer

Directed by Courtney Trouble & Tina Horn, 2011, USA, 7 minutes.
Attempting to define a queer identity, this explicit documentary juxtaposes queers having sex and audio clips from an interview that simply asks: “What makes us queer?”
best experimental short

smut capital of america

Directed by Michael Stabile, 2011, USA, 16 minutes.
In the late 1960s, as the Sexual Revolution was first gaining steam, San Francisco was pushing the boundaries of what could legally be put on film. » watch trailer
best documentary short

craigslist dating

Directed by Ryan Hunter, 2011, USA, 2 minutes.
For those nights when that one point of compatibility is the only one that matters.
best comedy short – tie

tooshie smooshie

Directed by Jessica King, 2011, USA, 10 minutes.
Remember the simple pleasures of childhood? » watch trailer
best comedy short – tie

a day in the country

Pella Kågerman & Hugo Lilja, 2011, Sweden, 14 minutes. Pictured, above.
It’s a perfect day for a three-way in the Swedish countryside, but someone is always on the outs.
best dramatic short


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