best of cinekink / 2014

best of cinekink/2014

pineconeA special screening of award-winning shorts deemed the year’s best from CineKink, “the kinky film festival!”

un bisous américain

Directed by JM Darling, 2013, USA, 9 minutes. A man travels in search of a love affair.
honorable best mention

chaleur humain

Directed Christophe Predari, 2012, Belgium, 11 minutes.
Antoine loves being close to Bruno. He loves his warmth. He needs it.
best dramatic short

tom’s gift

Directed by by Todd Verow & Charles Lum, 2013, USA, 7 minutes.
Vividly recalls a sex shop in rural America, now closed by municipal ordinance.
honorable best mention

music box

Directed by Anna Brownfield, 2013, Australia, 11 minutes. Pictured above, Zahra Stardust. Packing up her belongings, a woman rediscovers her music box and reflects on the shattered fairy tale her life has become.
honorable best mention

another happy anniversary

Directed by Miranda Bailey, USA, 2013, 21 minutes.
A couple decides on a three-way to celebrate their upcoming anniversary. Now they just have to find that perfect third.
best comedy short


Directed by Paul Deeb, USA, 2013, 10 minutes.
An exploration of desire, timing and the limits of control. » trailer
best experimental short – tie

dear jiz

Directed by Ms. Naughty, 2013, Australia, 10 minutes.
Genderqueer icon Jiz Lee basks in a bathtub … and in the recollections of the many fans who have been touched by Jiz’ work. » trailer
best experimental short – tie


Directed by Quinn Cassidy & Creamy Coconut, 2013, USA, 12 minutes.
Joey hears about a really hot bike mechanic who services all types of bodies – metal and human.
cineKink “bring it!” award


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