>What’s afoot with Mr. Polanski?

>Join us in welcoming back The Reeler from whatever respite he may have enjoyed in his time away and, while he gets reacclimated, there’s still time to catch up on the havoc that was wrought by a week of guest bloggers filling in for the duration. (Scroll way, way down. Remember, that’s us, down towards the bottom.)

If that’s just too great a wealth of information and insights from the NYC world of cinema and you’re wishing someone would come by and pick out the kinky bits – well, that’s what we’re here for. Speculating on director Roman Polanski’s likely foot fetish, filmmaker Lauren Wissot writes:

Some of the greatest ankles and arches ever to grace the screen appear in loving close up or wary long shot in every film in this master’s oevure. It became a game with us: spot the foot shot. We could hardly wait for The Pianist to be released just for a possible glimpse of Adrien Brody’s bunions.

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She and a co-cinephile have put out the call for an editor to help compile the entire range of images into an “experimental meditation” on the topic.

We’re calling first dibs on the final product.


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