>I am a poverty and obscurity addict.

>For those of us still deluded enough to believe occasionally entertain the fleeting notion that independent filmmaking is might be the surefire route to fame and fortune, director Caveh Zahedi interviews, well, himself, on the difficulties of bringing his latest opus, I Am A Sex Addict , into the fresh light of day.

When we happened to catch the film at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2005, we found it a funny and engaging account of Caveh’s attempts to balance his sometimes compulsive sexuality with a yearning for an intimate, romantic relationship, and–especially considering it actually has the word “sex” in its title–we were certain it was well on its way to immediate art house glory.

The glory, however, was a bit slow in coming and, from the sounds of it, the money’s been even more of a dribble. After a brief run last spring, I Am A Sex Addict is just out on DVD. Please buy it.

I Am A Sex Addict (movie trailer)


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  • Tony Comstock September 15, 20069:21 am

    >Monetizing fame (let alone mere notoriety) is difficult. Celebrity is not as fungible as many people think it is.

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