>The poster that dare not speak its name.

>Fresh from its ban at the hands of the Australian government, the “intimate” documentary Damon and Hunter: Doing it Together, will be enjoying its US Premiere at CineKink NYC, screening as part of our program “Passion Plays” on Saturday, October 21st @ 8:30 pm.

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If you’d like to tide yourself over until you can gaze on at its glorious co-stars all-a-splendor up on the big screen, you might try stalking director Tony Comstock as he snipes his way through relevant NYC neighborhoods and see if you can make off with one of his glossy new posters.

In the other meantime, tune into YNOTRadio.com as Darklady interview’s CineKink’s Lisa Vandever, along with Tony, about the triumphs and trials of championing sex-positive cinema in America. (Darklady’s Sexpose; 10/12 @ 5pm edt) We’re sure it shall be quite elucidating!


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  • rupert October 12, 200612:02 pm

    >Living in Melbourne, I was exceptionally proud that it screened here – it was a full house and no one disturbed the evening – Sydney is much louder as far as its gay community goes but stastically Melbourne has more gay people, it’s not a hidden community just a very ‘every day’ one. I’m surprised it caused such a fuss there.

  • Tony Comstock October 12, 20067:34 pm

    >It was great fun chatting with you on DarkLady’s radio show, Lisa! I can’t wait to see D&H and the rest on the big screen!

  • Ell October 19, 20067:58 am

    >The Melbourne screening was indeed was big fun — good luck with it all for CineKink!

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