>Hey! They’re talking about us!!

>Even in the midst of all the bleary-eyed excitement and sleep deprivation, we still somehow find the time to check our statcounter obsessively and look to see that our name’s spelled right. So far, so good – with a special thanks to The Reeler for sending Roman Polanski-fetishist Lauren Wissot into our midst for such a wonderfully comprehensive piece of coverage.

Here’s the entirety of the honor roll. Please, keep it coming!

10/18 Waking Vixen:
CineKink kicks off, and everything is a blur

10/18 Fleshbot:
CineKink Kickoff Party

10/18 ScreenGrab @ Nerve:
Crawl On the Red Carpet, CineKink Kicks Off

10/17 Filmmaker Magazine:
Kinked Out
(Our favorite new blurb: There’s a film festival this weekend taking place at a decadent playground where the idle rich enact scenes of ritual perversion. And for those who won’t be heading out to the Hamptons Film Festival, there’s Cinekink…

10/17 Green Cine Daily:
Fests & Events

10/17 The Reeler:
Making Whoopee: The Art of CineKink

10/12 Waking Vixen:
The State of Smut: NYC

10/6 Chris Gore:
Film Festival Road Trips Worth the Gas

10/3 Eros Zine:
New York Featured Event

9/29 The Reeler:
Opening Night News

9/19 Cinematical:
SXSW Announces Super Size Guests


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