>Fresh from our final, sell-out screenings at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, we’re finally back from San Francisco with some great memories, a few new friends, several extra pounds – and a nice batch of blurbs for the collection:

“More like Wild Kingdom than Girls Gone Wild, the CineKink 2007 series …neutrally observes sexual transgression: the forms it takes, the relief it offers, and the privacy it (often jubilantly) breaches.”
Sara Schieron, San Francisco Bay Guardian

“CineKink’s entries are often injected with a refreshing dose of camp and playfulness…Equal parts raunchy and sexy, the festival succeeds because it never loses sight of sex’s potential for absurdity and transcendence.”
Nirmala Nataraj, SF Weekly

“Seeing all those body parts at the AVN expo is analogous to the separation between sex and sensuality evident in AVN’s typical lineup of winners. We’re only going to find sexual authenticity and really hot porn when we reconnect those parts to actual people, like those behind the indie efforts found at CineKink.”
Violet Blue, SF Gate

(And there’s more. Speaking of yours truly, CineKinkster ourselves, Violet Blue also deems us a “…superlative blog.” We’re totally blushing!)

Thanks for the kind words. And thanks to YBCA, film/video curator Joel Shepard and all of you who came out for the SF screenings, for such a fabulous welcome.


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