>Mom would be so proud…

>Actually, she would. A whichever-wave feminist who instilled her values by both word and example, she would no doubt be thrilled to have her daughter creating the type of pornography that helps make the world a place where a woman’s right to determine and enjoy her own sexual pleasure is a taken-for-granted aspect of daily life, right up there with equal pay for an equal day.

Especially if it were award-winning pornography.

Well, maybe next year. Instead, we’ll take our mother’s birthday as the ideal time to belatedly congratulate the winners of Good for Her’s 2007 Feminist Porn Awards

Hottest Group Sex Scene
Under the Covers | Candida Royalle; Femme Productions
(Alum CineKink 2006)

Hottest Trans Sex Scene
In Search of the Wild Kingdom | Shine Louise Houston; Blowfish Video

Hottest Straight Sex Scene
The Bi Apple | Audacia Ray; Adam and Eve
(Alum CineKink 2006)

Best New Star
Simone Valentino, Afrodite Superstar | Femme Chocolat

Hottest Gonzo Sex Scene and Hottest Diverse Cast
Chemistry 1 | Tristan Taormino; Adam and Eve

Hottest Love Scene
Matt and Khym | Tony Comstock; Comstock Films
(Alum CineKink 2006)

Hottest Couples Scene
Burning Lust | Skye Blue & Kelly Holland; Playgirl

Best Smutty Schoolteacher (educational)
Hearts Cracked Open | Betsy Kalin
(Alum CineKink 2005)

Hottest Dyke Sex Scene
Superfreak | Shine Louise Houston; Blowfish Video

Best Feature
The Masseuse | Paul Thomas; Vivid Video

Indie Porn Pioneer
Anna Span; Easy On The Eye Productions
(Alum CineKink 2006)

And CineKinkster’s mom will likely be extra proud of Audacia Ray (see above), whose book Naked on the Internet: Hookups, Downloads and Cashing in on Internet Sexploration was just published (a movie and a book in one year?!?), an overview of the many ways that women are utilizing the Internet to explore and expand our sexuality.

Also grounded in feminism and drawing upon her own personal and professional experiences, Audacia talks to women about a range of interactions on the web, fro m those that exist solely in the online world to those that culminate in an actual meeting of the flesh. She considers the new audiences and markets that have opened up for adult products, with Internet commerce providing an anonymous and attractive alternative to the raincoat-infested – perceived or otherwise – brick-and-mortar outlet of yore. And she looks at some of the women who are using the web as a place to commoditize their own sexuality, both literally and in the representational sense as producers and purveyors of porn.

With a healthy dose of realism, Audacia paints an online world that is neither sensational menance nor utopian bliss. Detailing both potentials and pitfalls, she provides an engaging and balanced look at the particular vagaries – ie finding oneself oddly compelled to write in a somewhat stilted first-person plural voice? – of a slightly newish medium, along with the advances it might afford in realizing the progressive possibilities our mothers (literal and otherwise) put into motion.

Now, about that Equal Rights Amendment


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