>Yeah, so where do you get off?!


Quite alot of twisted knickers seems to be the result of a new video promoting European filmmaking. A rapid montage of sex scene clips builds and, er, climaxes to the slogan “Let’s come together.” Granted, the end image of an apparently male-only audience in rapt attention left us a wee bit skeeved, but we suspect much of the reported outrage was piqued by the inclusion of lovers that fall outside of strictly heterosexual and HWP parameters.

Or then again, maybe it’s just any excuse for nationalism. Reports The Guardian:

Godfrey Bloom of the Eurosceptic UK Independence Party described the film as “cheap, tawdry and tacky” and demanded to know the cost to European taxpayers. “You might say it’s appropriate for them to put out films like this,” he told the Sun newspaper. “Brussels has been screwing the UK for at least 30 years.”

We probably shouldn’t take comfort in this, but we’re finding it oddly uplifting to know that moralistic posturing isn’t restricted solely to this side of the pond.


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