>What’s 2257 divided by 13?

>And, once again, does it matter if you’re a primary or a secondary producer?

We imagine we could claim some numerologically-significant superstition that prevents us from spending Friday the 13th dissecting the latest decision from the DoJ on 2257 regulations, which landed in our metaphorical laps yesterday. But to be honest, we’d really rather just declare the rest of the day a “summer Friday” and make sure we’ve got all our provisions laid up for tomorrow’s Bi Bare Beach Bash at Sandy Hook’s naked nude clothing-optional beach.

Fortunately, several others out there are already doing the heavy lifting. We’ll just pass these links along, then print out the pages and stick them in our bag with the SPF30. Nothing like a little, light beach reading!

Proposed 2257 Regulation Changes Contain Compromises, ComplicationsDarklady for YNOT

New Proposed 2257 Regs Published – XBIZ

Atty. J.D. Obenberger Comments on Proposed 2257 Changes – AVN

Meet you back here next week with some coherent bullet points?


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