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>Evan Shapiro of IFC, home to such bold programming as Indie Sex and This Film is Not Yet Rated, is – how shall we put it? – “…very interested in sex.”

Perhaps even obsessed.

Pinch hitting for The Reeler, he explains:

What I am obsessed with are the myriad sexual hang-ups ingrained in American society and how they continue to affect and constrain our culture. I don’t mean private penchants or fetishes practiced behind closed doors by everyday consenting citizens. I mean the sexual neuroses of those in positions of authority who constantly tell us that our own predilections are not “normal” or “acceptable.” These hang-ups are both interesting and important, because they who possess them often seem hellbent on inflicting them on the rest of us. Fact is, America is far more obsessed with sex than I am. By exploring sexuality, and exposing society’s sexual hang-ups, we’ve tried — in our way — to de-stigmatize sex in all its forms, and help treat America’s collective phobia.

This refreshingly straight-forward, activist-minded stance obviously make its presence known in much of IFC’s programming. And it carries through the rest of Shapiro’s post, ranging from the production of the Indie Sex series to the relevance of R Kelly’s Trapped in the Closest to challenging sexual stereotypes. (WTF? Just read it.)


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