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>It’s perhaps not the same level of trepidation that used to descend as the teams were divvied up for sixth-grade slaughter-ball, but we had a wonderful time at SXSW last year and we’d love to ensure our return in 2008. To that end, we’ve suggested a panel discussion for the festival, inclusion of which will be partially determined by the results of the SXSW Panel Picker, which is live and online now! (Pick me, pick me!)

Inspired by the cheerful oblivion to current and pending restrictions on sexual content demonstrated by most non-porn media makers, we’ve proposed:

The Porn Police: Know the Rules
Already draconian regulations on depictions of sexually explicit conduct were recently revised and now apply to an even wider class of media makers. Not just pornographers, but anyone creating and working with explicit imagery, bloggers, webmasters, narrative filmmakers, documentarians; need to know the rules and the risks.

Last year we noted SXSW’s sex-positive inclusivity and the possibilities for this one again look promising. While you’re in the picker giving us your vote, also give a nod to:

Violet Blue –
Sexual Privacy Online

Deb Levine –
Online Sex Advice

Cory Silverberg –
The Future of Sex in Interactive Narrative and When No Means 01001: Sexual Ethics and Interactivity

Elizabeth Wood –
Pink Ghetto Blasters: Destigmatizing Sex via Online Community Building

But don’t forget to pick me, pick me!


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