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In a recent interview with The Reeler, director William Friedkin discusses his back-and-forths with the MPAA to get an R rating for the original release of Cruising in 1980. Sadly, for anyone hoping for a bit more detail on what ended up on the cutting room floor – and what apparently still isn’t being put back for the DVD release scheduled next month – Friedkin remains pretty mum:

What didn’t make it didn’t make it. I’m not about to circumvent the ratings board now and describe all the scenes that aren’t in the movie. There’s about a half-hour to 40 minutes. But I would have to say is was mostly just more of what was going on in the clubs, and they didn’t change or advance the story in any major way.

You know. Just more of what was going on in the clubs. That kinda stuff.

Much less the buzz-kill, this week’s episode of ReelerTV contains a clip of the film’s memorable hanky scene, along with host S.T. VanAirsdale’s revelation of which color he’s flagging these days. Who knew?!


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