>Going meta

>Trying to shake off the block that comes with the realization we haven’t posted for over a week – and better do so quickly or it’s just going to get worse – we marvelled at the synchronicity that our first click through our blog-roll landed us on this thoughtful muse from Cory Silverberg:

“I have a deeply neurotic and fundamentally unhealthy relationship to blogs. I belong to a transitional technological demographic and while I read blogs voraciously for work, every click holds the possibility of sending me reeling into a fit of informational inadequacy. To top it all off, reading, writing and thinking about sex is work so virtually the only fun thing left for me about sex is actually having it. So in the end, I’m not really sure that I want more sex blogs as much as I might like more blogging about sex. But Susannah’s post made me realize that I haven’t thought much about what I’d actually want from a better sex blog.”

Keeping in mind that sex and film are inextricably linked for us and the same quandary can be applied to our relationship with movies, Cory’s suggestions point in some interesting directions.

And help put our next post in the can.

(Hat-tip Viviane’s Sex Carnival)


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