>Holy seemingly gratuitous YouTube post, Batman!

>We’re still feeling a little jet-laggy and discombulated from our trip west and subsequent weather flip-flops. But our recent time back at home sorting through the family archives (aka clutter in the basement) triggered the recollection that one of our very first television idols was Batman. And for a time, we even had his picture tacked to the wall above our bed.

What this might mean in terms of early fetish imprints, we can only begin to speculate – see also The Sound of Music – but the thought did provide impetus to spend a good chunk of a rainy Monday morning procrastinating amongst the nostalgic offerings on YouTube.

Herewith, our early girl-crush, Batgirl, in her introduction to the series – along with the bemused wondering why our childhood Halloween rendition of her didn’t somehow incorporate purple latex.

That, in itself, might explain a few things!


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