>Filth and wisdom?

>Just as with dating, it might be too much to expect both qualities in one package. And the not-so-mixed reviews don’t exactly make a compelling argument for a dash to the cineplex. (Though largely affectionate–“I sort of liked it”–critic Andrew O’Hehir’s review also includes the observation that it “…seems like a movie Jim Jarmusch might have started in 1991 and then abandoned because it wasn’t going anywhere.” Yikes! That’s the very fear that has kept us unproductively lodged in our creativity burrow all these many decades.)

But Madonna’s directorial debut, Filth and Wisdom, would seem to have enough CineKink-relevant themes to warrant at least a quick go-over–and, who knows, quite possibly a Tribute? We’re ever-eager to be happily surprised.


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