>’Sex Positive’ in NYC – this weekend!

>The CineKink award-winning documentary Sex Positive, a compelling history of safer sex and profile of activist Richard Berkowitz, who helped pioneer the concept, opens this weekend in NYC at The Quad. A special Q&A featuring Richard and the film’s director, Daryl Wein, will be held after the 7:45 & 9:45 screenings on Friday through Sunday.

Dates have also been announced for LA and San Francisco, but a good turn-out this weekend will help the film get booked into other cities.

A must-see!


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  • Anonymous October 6, 20096:19 pm

    >Mr Berkowtiz as a writer needs to examine what truth means.From what I understand he never gave up his hustling work until recently. He also never has totally come to terms with the AIDS virus and the disease process.He runs from it… and if you ask people who know him. Has abandoned many of them at their lowest point.Not really a hero or victim in my book or in this film.

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