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>Rounding out multiple days of screenings and parties in our seventh(!!) annual appearance, here are the CineKink awards for 2010…

CineKink Choice awards, which go to feature-length works in competition during the festival, were determined by audience balloting at the close of each eligible work’s screening. The 2010 award winners are:

CineKink Choice Award for Best Narrative Feature:
“S&M Judge” (Erik Lamens, 2009, Belgium, 84 minutes)

CineKink Choice Award for Best Documentary Feature:
“My Sexuality: A Sensory Experience” (Felicia Giouzelis, 2009, USA, 64 minutes)

CineKink Choice Award – Honorable Mention:
“Waxie Moon” (Wes Hurley, 2009, USA, 70 minutes)

CineKink Best awards, which go to short works in competition during the festival, were determined by jury deliberation and ranking. The 2010 award winners are:

CineKink Best Narrative Short:
“Walking the Dog” (Luigi Campi, 2009, USA, 11 minutes)

CineKink Best Documentary Short:
“Balloons” (Charles Nuckolls, 2009, USA, 15 minutes)

CineKink Best Experimental Short:
“Handcuffs” (Erika Lust, 2009, Spain, 7 minutes)

CineKink Best Music Video:
“The Pinky Song” (Rick Ferguson, 2009, USA, 3 minutes)

CineKink Honorable Best Mentions:
“Coverage” (Jef Taylor, 2008, USA, 30 minutes)
“Hungry for Love” (Ruckus Skye, 2009, USA, 17 minutes)
“The Sheep and the Ranch Hand” (Loretta Hintz, 2009, USA, 12 minutes)

This year’s jurors were Viviane, ring-leader of the sex blog “Viviane’s Sex Carnival,” Mike White, editor and publisher of the independent film-focused “Cashiers du Cinemart,” Lolita Wolf, a BDSM educator and activist who also blogs as “Leather Yenta,” and Bill Woods, a film festival programmer and curator of the New Filmmakers series at Anthology Film Archives.

“CINEKINK SELECT” – Special Festival Awards
The CineKink Select awards, occasionally presented to recognize artistic innovation, are determined by festival staff. The 2010 award winners are:

Special Festival Award for Creative Vision:
“Modern Love is Automatic” (Zach Clark, 2009, USA, 93 minutes)
“Anti-Samaritan Hotline” (A. Tad Chamberlain, 2009, USA, 23 minutes)

Special Festival Award for Outstanding Viral Achievement:
“Libidoland” (Julie Keck and Jessica King, 2009, USA, 15 minutes)

“BRING IT!” – Adult Industry Showcase Award
The first-ever CineKink “Bring It!” award was determined by audience ballot during a presentation of excerpts showcasing recent adult cinema.

“Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex” (Tristan Taormino, 2009)

“CINEKINK TRIBUTE” – Festival Award for Extraordinary Mainstream Depiction of Kink and Sex-Positivity

American Swing
(released by Magnolia Pictures, 2009;
directed/produced by Mathew Kaufman and Jon Hart)

Honorable Mentions:
“Dollhouse” (Fox)
“Gossip Girl” (CW)
“How I Met Your Mother” (CBS)

Many thanks and congratulations to this year’s CineKink award winners – and to all of our ultra-talented filmmakers!

For more details on all of the award winning works

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