Cinekink Las Vegas Day One – Pillow Fight with Nina Hartley


I said it on Twitter but I’ll say it again, life doesn’t suck when your first day in Las Vegas includes a photo shoot at the elucidating and supremely sexy Erotic Heritage Museum that degenerates into an all girl pillow fight with me, Diva, Dr. Laura Henkel and the one and only, Nina Hartley on an island sized bed covered in scarlet velvet.

Right now, we have Cinekink’s Lisa in bed with us as we finalizing details for tonight’s Wine & Chocolate Benefit Gala. If you’re in Las Vegas it’s the place to be tonight. Aside from the wine, chocolate, Original Sin Cider, performances by Alicyn Packard, Carol Queen, rope demos by Reverse Tensionz and films shown in Erotic Heritage’s theatre, we’re delighted to also bring you very sensual gyrations of gothic belly dance troupe Fuego Fusion. And other surprises are always possible.

In the meantime, here’s a little photographic preview of some of the things you’ll see at the museum tonight.

Too bad Nina had to fly out last night, we’d love if she’d been able to stay longer

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