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Some sad news on the CineKink front. After several years battling Alzheimer’s, then a sudden stroke in February, my father quickly declined and passed away last month. Very glad, though, that I was home at the end, and able to spend some extra time with him, along with my mom and sister.

William Vandever

Bill Vandever, 1971

In addition to being, inarguably, the best dad ever, William Mathewson Vandever was also my favorite CineKink alumni filmmaker. (I know I’m not supposed to have favorites, but hey…) Emblematic of the wit and sly humor he brought to everything, his 1964 short film, Media Dreams, screened with us in 2006 and, featuring a sexy Barbie doll come to life, was likely an early influencer in my compulsion to create CineKink in the first place. (Making it a real family production, my mother was a body-double for some of the more risqué shots, and the two of us had cameos as roughly ourselves at the film’s end. Watching it now, how could I not have created CineKink?)

CineKink PDX: 2--6

CineKink PDX: 2006

Though it was expected, my dad’s passing was a difficult time. Even more heartbreaking, however, was the loss of his lifetime of memories, and watching as he lost his brilliant way with words and, increasingly, his ability to communicate with us.

If you’’d like to support an amazing organization, one which offered at least a small way to connect with him in the end, or if you have a loved one who’s struggling with dementia, please take a moment to check out Music & Memory.

And to learn more about the great work they do, here’s a trailer for the incredible documentary Alive Inside.

Thanks so very much for your good thoughts!

Lisa Vandever
Co-Founder & Director, CineKink


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