>Alumni News: Elizabeth Elson

>We’re delighted to hear that the recent work of Elizabeth Elson, director of Born in a Barn, winner of the Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary at CineKink ’05, will be featured on this month’s episode of In The Life, the gay and lesbian newsmagazine.

The segment, called “Cowpokes,” is a look into how a group of men are coping a year after Hurricane Katrina turned bustling neighborhoods into silent ghost towns. Elizabeth and her crew visit a gay bar on the edge of the devastated ninth ward, “where a group of regulars don’t flinch at the daunting task of rebuilding… one house, one street, and one dance at a time.”

The episode airs on WNET on Tuesday, September 5 at 10:30 pm. Check with In The Life for air dates in other markets.


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