>Oh, joy.

>And another TiVo alert for tonight, this time for a Primetime: The Outsiders repackaging of several previously aired reports. Entitled – cough – “Strange Arrangements,” topics for this shiny new episode include “swinging, asexuality and marriage between cousins.” Reports on the original swinging episode were largely positive, so we’ll reserve judgment until about 10:57 pm EDT this evening, but the moment you feel the urge to Talk Back to John Stossel, go for it!

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If you want to chew up some time until then, visit ABC’s poll vault and take a Peek Beneath the Sheets, a “groundbreaking” survey into American sexual behavior. Among the salacious statistics, among discussions of philanderings and three-ways and porn sites, is the revelation that 34% of women “think about sex every day.”

We’re no mathematicians, but this somehow leads us to the shocking possible conclusion that 66% of women don’t think about sex every day?!?


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