>It’s hard out here for a nymph.

>Don’t you know it! For months we’ve been ogling the posters for Black Snake Moan, with an interior monologue that was saying something like “hey, this movie looks like it might be really hot… especially in that I really shouldn’t think this is hot kinda way.”

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Then, reported Sundance sightings of stocking cap swag bearing the inscription “It’s hard out here for a nymph.” (Hat tip – !! – ScreenGrab) Alright, a not-so-coy reference to director Craig Brewer’s previous film, Hustle & Flow. We’ll give it cute enough.

But poking around the updated (and very loud, be careful) Black Snake Moan website, our growing trepidation seemed justified when we came across the “Are You a Nymph?” quiz, with such questions as:

Have you had more sexual partners than birthdays?

Do you own more than one sex toy?

Do you have more than three porn stars on your MySpace friends page?

Maybe we’re miffed because we only scored as a Moderate Nymph. (Seriously!) But the resulting diagnosis – “You ain’t right yet. Sex continues to effect your everyday life. Slow down. You can’t continue to rub up against anyone you find attractive” – left us feeling a little icky. Particularly considering the youthful male demographic the movie is obviously being pitched to, we’re not so keen to have such hot buttons as female sexual shame and worth being pushed by some mid-level Paramount marketing flunkie. (Unless, perhaps, he/she is wearing a nicely tailored suit and we’re kneeling expectantly in front of him/her.)

And, unless Samuel Jackson really has Christina Ricci chained up for the sole purpose of getting her to eat a steak dinner and put a bit of meat back on her emaciated frame, the movie’s trailer has left us a wee bit squicked as well:


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