>Alumni News: Candida Royalle

>Just out from director Candida Royalle is Under the Covers, following a plucky, young journalist as she investigates the sex industry and – wouldn’t you know it! – gets more than she bargained for. (Or “more than for which she bargained,” more likely? A mere mention of journalism and we start getting all grammatical.)

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Reknowned as a pioneer in producing erotica intended primarily for women and couples, Candida was last seen around CineKink as part of “The State of Smut: NYC” panel, educating up-and-comers on the sexiest bits of any indie filmmaking scene … finance and distribution.

As for other CineKink alumni gracing the hot new project, the trailer features a glimpse of our perennial favorite, actress Sativa Verte (Alice in Footland, CineKink ’04, Audience Choice Award/Honorable Mention).

And a cameo appearance by director Michele Capozzi (Pornology New York, CineKink ’05, Audience Choice Award/Best Documentary), himself putting in an unusually soleful performance.


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