>We miss all the cool parties

>Well, not all of them. Last night’s CineKink shindig at the Pioneer was a fabulous time, even if we didn’t have any naked people. That we know of, anyway. And it’s not like we never have naked people at our parties, but…anyway, Saturday night was the big release party for CineKink alum Audacia Ray’s brand new porn opus, The Bi Apple. A party that apparently featured many naked people.

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For Audacia, who produced and moderated the panel, The State of Smut: NYC for last fall’s CineKink NYC, the new project represents her move from in front of the camera to producing and directing. As chronicled in her blog, Waxing Vixen, that move included many of the perils and tribulations one might encounter making independent movies of the non-explicit kind – excepting, of course, for all of those naked people. From a recently posted Q&A with her production manager:

This being a much smaller set, I didn’t really have the luxury of sitting around and doing any one thing for any length of time. I had all the bookkeeping responsibilities of a production manager, but when I wasn’t up to my elbows in receipts and model waivers, I was helping the PAs schlep cases of bottled water or holding the ladder for the set designer or setting up the lighting and backdrop for the photographer or installing an air conditioner or ordering lunch or, after several hours of frenetic activity, finding the coolest room in that sauna of a set that I possibly could and sitting with most of the crew in utter silence for an hour or two so that you could make smu.. er, art in a room down the hall. And occasionally bitching at the director for going overbudget.

It’s an interesting, ongoing discussion of the process and you’ll find many of Audacia’s moviemaking experiences of the past year, now moving into the distribution phase, detailed in the blog.

Along, of course, with many pictures of naked people.


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