>Hey, kids, it’s exploitation night!

>We’re just getting started – still plenty of time to jump on board – and tonight at CineKink it’s a hot double-bill of steamy exploitation!

First up on Thursday, at 7:00 pm, it’s TRIPLE X SELECTS: THE BEST OF LEZSPLOITATION, an international feast of lesbian-exploitation highlights from the 1960s and ’70s, presented in all of their notoriously twisted glory. Accented by music reflecting the era and featuring a wacked-out scientific commentary, a compilation of selections from over twenty films brings together and re-appropriates Swedish wildcats, Italian lesbionic nuns, frisky inmates in South American prisons, Euro vampires – and a vast assortment of other Sapphic grindhouse frolics. Plays with the kinky shorts PILLOW GIRL and HIGHWAY AMAZON, along with the world premiere of three-time-CineKink alum T. Arthur Cottam’s DIRTY WORDS: THE LETTER C!

Triple X Selects

More info and tickets: right here!

Then, at 9 PM, it’s VIVA, the sordid tale of a bored housewife who gets swept up in the sexual revolution, a highly stylized film that draws on classic exploitation cinema for its look, characters and story-line. Saturated to the hilt with vibrant color and exquisitely detailed in its depiction of the period and the genre, it follows the adventures of Barbi who, abandoned by her perfect Ken-doll husband, is dragged out on the town and into trouble by her “women’s lib”-spouting girlfriend. An innocent in a sea of wolves, Barbi becomes “Viva” and quickly learns a lot more than she ever thought she wanted to know about the wild 1970s – nudists, swingers, hippies, orgies and lesbians – oh, my!

More info and tickets – and check out that trailer!


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