>Activism, exploration and a girl-girl double-header!

>Really, what else is there?

Up at CineKink tonight, first at 7 pm, from CineKink award-winner Scott Bloom (“Original Pride” Audience Choice, CineKink/2005), it’s the New York premiere of CALL ME TROY, an inspirational and moving tribute to gay activist and spiritual leader, Reverend Troy Perry. Perhaps best known as the founder of the Metropolitan Community Church – the first church to recognize the spiritual needs of the gay community – Perry has long been on the front lines in leading the charge for equality and protections for all. And, a proud leatherman, he’s also been an unwavering proponent for the God-given right to embrace and explore our sexuality – just exactly as we are.

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At 9:15 PM, SUSAN FOR NOW is a first-person account of a woman reclaiming her sexual freedom after a ten-year period of self-imposed celibacy. Following the filmmaker’s personal quest through the sex-positive community in Seattle and into the world of sadomasochism, the film also provides insights into the hearts and minds of articulate and sincere individuals from every walk of life, and how they practice BDSM in a consensual and responsible manner. Also playing is THE LEATHERMAN, in which Norwegian S/M activist Svein Skeid takes to the streets (and dungeons) of Oslo, and the world premiere of F/F, a visit to Folsom Street and beyond with three-time-CineKink alum, Charles Lum!

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And at 11:15 PM, it’s SEX MANNEQUIN and SUPERFREAK, a shape-shifting, body-swapping double-header of girl-girl adventures. First up, from Maria Beatty, a mannequin comes alive to the stroke and kiss of her mistress, ready to passionately serve – and to take – in a variety of kinky ways. And then, from Shine L. Houston, the lascivious spirit of a certain funk singer crashes a girl-girl party, inhabiting the bodies of its participants and creating much erotic mayhem.

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