>CineKink NYC Photo Round-Up

>Lest we take as long with getting these photos out as we spent on finally putting together our wedding album, herewith a few images from CineKink NYC 2008!

First up, from photographic phenom Stacie Joy, some shots of the CineKink Kick-Off Gala.

Lux Alptraum and Molly Crabapple

JZ Bich, Dizzy Swank, Cherry Bomb, Ignacio Rivera

Here’s more of the set – or visit filmmaker Leah Meyerhoff‘s blog for another vantage.

And a few candids from around the festival taken by Viviane for Viviane’s Sex Carnival:

Boymeat and Lolita Wolf

Cory Silverberg, Jamye Waxman & Candida Royalle

And back to Stacie Joy, for still more of the CineKink scene:

Tanya Bezreh and Rachel Kramer Bussel

CineKink’s "Women Behind the Lens" panel

Including proof positive for the parents back home, no neglect – our birthday was celebrated indeed!

Lisa Vandever’s birthday!


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