>Poly on the red carpet


Putting in plenty of face time at all of the past year’s award shows, Tilda Swinton has also put a new spotlight on non-monogamy, as a regular companion on the red carpet has been her boyfriend Sandro Kopp – both seen here in a picture snagged from the British Independent Film Awards – and not her long-time partner, John Byrne.

Rather refreshingly in these past weeks of scandal upon scandal, the fact that she’s part of an open relationship has been directly acknowledged, along with the tidbit that Byrne stayed behind in Scotland to mind their twins while Swinton was scooping up her Oscar.

In Wedded to Variety, a Chicago Sun Times article triggered by the high-profile arrangement, polyamory activist Anita Wagner observes that “Tilda’s relationship situation is exactly like the relationships of many people I know. Except for the fame and money.”

Yes, except that!


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