>Sizzle sells! (Maybe.)

>Mazel tov to one of our favorite CineKinksters, Lolita Wolf, for her prize-winning suggestion in Violet Blue‘s recent competition to determine the best sex-related ad campaign. Lolita’s entry, last year’s “Dominate Winter” interactive campaign for the Cooper Mini, which featured a cat-suit clad dominatrix encouraging the user to put the car through its paces.


Violet’s criteria for the competition were pretty inclusive – by “sex-related I mean just downright sexy and hot, or incredibly clever, controversial, or just plain fun” – and a slew of tasty examples can be found in both the comments to that post and in her follow-up announcing the winners. (Both of which we’ve bookmarked and will be pillaging far into the future.)

And this week, Violet moves on to the question of whether sex can actually sell a product, bringing in AdRant‘s Scott Hall to ruminate with her on how much of it’s a help and how much of it is just hype and sizzle.

Well, we’re not sure how many Aspvik units it helped move. And we’re way late for Violet’s deadline. But for our money, our all-time favorite sex-related – and sex-positive! – ad continues to be Ikea’s Neighbors.

Scratch that. We totally want an Aspvik, now!


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