>More “do me,” less DOMA!

>While it’s common belief that each letter received from a constituent represents at least 100 others who held that particular opinion, we’re unsure of the equivalency of a mailed flip flop. What is clear, however, is that in the month ahead, President Obama has the opportunity to stand aside and let a lawsuit against the Defense of Marriage Act move forward unchallenged.

A law the President himself has described as “abhorrent,” DOMA, which prohibits the Federal recognition of same-sex unions, has been taken on in a lawsuit filed by several Massachusetts couples. And the folks at Operation DOMA Flip Flop want to make sure that President Obama stays true to his principles and refuses to defend the unconstitutional statute:

The decision must come down by June 29th, so whether you choose to send a flip flop–or perhaps a respectful-yet-compelling missive neatly written on a sheet of fine stationery–you have only a limited time to weigh in with your opinion.


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