>Oh, we’re so very, very bad.

>Our friends over at Shooting People are currently hosting a short film competition to mark the launch of Destricted, the “most controversial and sexually explicit film ever to receive an 18 certificate from the BBFC.” (It’s a British thing.)

Part of the intent behind the competition is to continue pushing at the boundaries of what constitutes art vs. pornography and what is a “certifiable” onscreen depiction in the UK – and the contest guidelines include some interesting delineations of how that’s currently defined.

Given that intent, it’s no surprise that some of the works are a bit outrageous for the sake of outrageousness. And several more have that horribly annoying trait of somehow equating kinky sex (or mere sex) with severe mental dysfunction (and/or castration, take your pick.)

But several are quite hot and lovely, such as Eva Midgley’s Footsie. And all are definitely worth a quick look-see.


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