>The talk show maven who regularly bashed the viewing of pornography and seemed perplexed by the purpose of various sex toys seems to be turning over a new, er, leaf. Last year she welcomed swingers into her midst. Lately she’s been sporting a whole new cheerful moniker for referrring to her genitalia. And this week’s show, Let’s Talk About Sex, did just that, opening the gates to the consideration of sex for older women, the possible enjoyment of pornography erotica by women in general and, truly mixing it up, a look at committed, open relationships.

A computer programmer and a stay-at-home mother, the couple profiled for the show, Greg and Hollie, appear to be – bless the producers! – aggressively “normal:”

Hollie enjoys reading, playing violin and knitting. Gregg’s hobbies include reading, hiking, camping and fencing. They love their two children, and their marriage, they say, has never been better. But there’s one thing about Hollie and Gregg’s life together that’s a little more unconventional.

Like 7 percent of women and 14 percent of men who answered a poll on Oprah.com, Hollie and Gregg say they have an open marriage.

Starting with lots of talking and a bit of outside dating, the discussion of how their particular arrangement transpired is continued on the show’s website. Along with pages and pages of viewer comments – many of them, presumably, from the percentile of Oprah’s audience not in an open relationship. Not yet, anyway.


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